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We're streaming 120h of the development of our space MMO on Twitch!

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What does it take to develop a MMO for a 2-person indie team? (aside from some level of craziness?)

We have been working for 2 years on a shmup / hack'n-slash MMO called Gangs of Space (currently in closed alpha here).

We are using the opportunity of having a straight week of work together (without our respective families to care of) to live-stream 120h of our development process, and take comments/questions from the community in the process.

The goal is also to share insights of what it is to develop a MMO as a 2-person team. You'll see us wearing many hats: client & server-side dev, UI design, game design, web dev, PR, community management, cooking (you need to eat well in order to code well!) and - some - sleep.

Right now we're talking mostly in French because most of our current players/viewers are French, but feel free to have a look and say hi, and we'll switch to English (or Japanese, let's have fun ^^).

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