Gangs of Space is a 4X MMO Shmup, developed by Erhune and Grouroux since January 2012. In a gaming world where all MMOs tend to look more and more like the same product, perfectly designed for an audience as wide as possible, we are willing to take the risk of building a game with very opinionated game design choices which are closer to the spirit of old-school MMOs like Ultima Online or EVE Online, with a strong emphasis on ownership and management of the Universe by the players themselves.

In Gangs of Space, you do not play as a hero on his journey to save the world. You are just a lonely spaceship pilot trying to make its way in a huge Universe. The Alpha Empire has decided to colonize back this Universe which has been falling into decline, and it is sponsoring pilots like you to conquest and then defend territories, in order to exploit their resources.

How you can accomplish that goal is up to you, but due to the enormity of the task at hand, you will surely want to join or create a Gang of pilots like you in order to better coordinate your efforts.

The better organized Gangs will accumulate power in many forms: reputation, wealth, information, technologies... Periodically, the Empire will choose the most powerful Gang as its representative, and give them the administrative rights to the Motherbase.

But power is something that is as easily gained as lost, and in this competitive and dynamic Universe keeping it might need even more difficult than gaining it...


  • Action gameplay, hack'n'shash shmup with permanent death.
  • Multiple ship classes, each with a very distinct gameplay.
  • No XP, no levelling. The skill of the player himself is paramount.
  • One universe (no sharding) to discover and conquer.
  • Space structures to build & then protect in order to exploit the conquered territories.
  • Economy, technology, industry, geopolitics are all completely player-driven.
  • Governing players can set laws and taxes in their governed planetary systems.
  • Innovative crafting system, which gives players complete freedom in designing their own item variations.
  • API that let anyone create applications (PC/Mac, web, mobile…) that can interact with the game.

Closed Alpha Test

> You can register and play at

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If you haven't done it yet, please give us your impressions in the forum!(Actually, we merged the French and English forums a few days ago, so it feels a lot more lively over there!)We also want to use the opportunity to announce right now that the next session (already number 10! woot!) will take place on:

Sunday, April 6, from 13:00 GMT, for a duration of 48h this time!

(or in other timezones)

At last, no crashes this time!

For this session, we had our hosting provider completely change the hardware of our server, since just changing the motherboard and the RAM didn't prevent it from crashing last time. We're very happy, because it seems to have fixed the problem! No crash this time, no serious bug... That was pretty refreshing!We have also been able to finally test the official Mumble server, and it had a really great ambiance! Gangs of Spaceis definitely a game where vocal chat shines!

A new issue appears!

The biggest difference between v0.14 and the new v0.15 was the inclusion of fight systems (the ones with the bosses) into the rest of the universe. It makes everything more unified and cohesive. But also a bit slower, since you actually have to "go" at your Contracts' location now. But no one seemed to complain about this, so that's great!But one complain that we got a few times is about the balance between the Contracts and their reward. Before, you could get new Contracts really easily, and many players did a lot of them in one system. Now, to get a new level 2 Contract, you need one Warp, and then 2 Jumps, before being able to come back to the action. This is not good for the pace of the game. We will do something about this, probably by increasing both the "size" and the reward of Contracts.

Here comes a new Challenger

The last session saw the rise of Supremacy Inc. and the fall of TMG.Who could then expect a new challenger to rise that quickly after that? But it happened, and Clementine Space Industries managed to seize the throne fromSupremacy by a very short advance of 13u². These two Gangs now govern a total of 4,533 u² of territories, which is more than 50% of the current known Universe!We hope to continue to see such intense competition in the future. But meanwhile, congratulation to all CSI members who fought with valiance!

What to make of it?

Not good yet

  • The Universe Map needs to be re-done graphically
  • Balance between Contracts' length and their reward

We did it!

  • No server crash
  • Placement of fight maps in the Universe

Session stats

Harvest:16,432 Medals (increasing from last time), spread among:

  • 6,963 for Contracts (increasing)
  • 5,555 for Pacifications (increasing)
  • 3,914 in the Killboard (decreasing... you should die more often, guys!)


  • 260 ships lost forever (increasing)
  • 3,774 items vanished from this Universe (increasing)

Conquest of the Universe:

  • 230 sectors conquered by the players, 52 by the enemies
  • 1,525 sectors pacified
  • 4 sectors sold
  • 111,471 Pirnats atomized
  • 27,901 Astéroids destroyed
  • 8,794 Vermillons vaporized

Enemies killed:

  • 26,644 Asteroid S0
  • 25,288 Pirnat Scout
  • 25,148 Pirnat Wasp
  • 14,928 Pirnat Scout MKII
  • 14,081 Pirnat Miner
  • 12,465 Pirnat Spike
  • 5,603 Pirnat Hunter
  • 4,922 Vermillon Hermios
  • 4,691 Pirnat Miner MKII
  • 3,314 Pirnat Pickelhaube
  • 2,561 Pirnat Drake
  • 2,129 Pirnat Hunter MKII
  • 1,501 Vermillon Melenos
  • 1,013 Vermillon Berthos
  • 942 Asteroid S1
  • 759 Vermillon Berthos Evo
  • 680 Pirnat Hunter X2
  • 561 Pirnat Lobstor
  • 486 Vermillon Melenos Evo
  • 239 Asteroid S2
  • 113 Vermillon Merros
  • 64 Asteroid S3
  • 12 Asteroid S4
  • 11 Pirnat Mega Blade
  • 11 Pirnat Giga Blade

...which makes:776 enemies per player!And finally, the 10 players that earned most medals when they lost their ship:2,029 Glarock

  • 330 JiuZhongBaXian
  • 174 Ricko
  • 157 AlBahtaar
  • 87 Airis
  • 85 Ricko
  • 75 Melitas
  • 66 Wolynn
  • 64 JiuZhongBaXian
  • 61 Melitas

In the next episode of Gangs of Space...

We hope that you kept your Gate Crystals preciously, since the big new feature for v0.16 might need some of them!

BitSummit MMXIV in Kyôto !

BitSummit MMXIV in Kyôto !


From March 7 to 9, we were at BitSummit in Kyôto in order to show Gangs of Space to the public and the media. At this pour présenter Gangs of Space...

We're streaming 120h of development of our MMO Gangs of Space!

We're streaming 120h of development of our MMO Gangs of Space!


We're streaming 120h of the development of our space MMO on Twitch!

DON'T PANIC, towel base will save you !

DON'T PANIC, towel base will save you !

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Discover the features of the 4.1 update of Gangs of Space Open Apha test

Gangs of Space : Open Alpha Test

Gangs of Space : Open Alpha Test


Gangs of Space Alpha Test is now open for everyone just in your browser !

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