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We're alive! We are not giving up on Traveler and we hope you won't either, we've finished a lot of concept art and entered the production phase and we're planning a demo build for playtesters. Want to be one? Send us your email and we'll add you to our mailing list.

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We're back and we are full of energy even though autumn, and soon winter, is upon us! We know, we've been media silent for a while but here's an update on what we've been doing:

- Cinemachine camera work implement

- Lot's of concept art

- First level design with all of the many rooms accounted for

We're setting our sight on a demo build in the near future, release date is not set but send us your email if you want to be one of our playtesters! We've now entered the production phase and our goals are set, our current work load consists of:

- Asset creation and sculpting

- Ledge grab feeling great, programming and animation holding hands at it's best

- Lot's of designing, playtesting and redesigning

- New materials in substance painter

- Cinemachine timelines for making it easier to create a cool animations sequence

Here's some mood and asset idea sketches by our 3d artist for you guys, enjoy!

And here's some creepy crypt concept art from our talented animator/vfx artist:

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