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What is Gym Empire? An announcement trailer and the story so far...

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In November 2017 after releasing my first commercial game GLO, I started development on my next project, Gym Empire. The concept of Gym Empire is to build your “gym empire” starting from your garage. The ultimate aim is to become number one on your block, in your city, your country and the world! Like any good tycoon/simulation game Gym Empire revolves heavily around a number of systems running behind the scenes and the emergent behaviour that evolves from those systems interacting. Because of that my first steps in development were to start creating an initial version of the systems with a very basic UI.

GT v0 0 0 1 Screenshot

From that point I was able to start with a foundation from which I could start building up the gameplay, UI and develop the systems further. The next step was to make the transition to Unity and start making those systems work in a 3D environment. Having never previously developed in a 3D environment this proved initially tricky. However with the help of the Internet and some persistence this has gotten progressively easier.

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Over the past few months I have been working tirelessly at building up Gym Empire so that it is in a place whereby it is presentable enough for me to start showcasing it to you guys. I’m very pleased to now have Gym Empire listed on IndieDB and Steam and be able to announce its first trailer. It is early development footage and Gym Empire will grow both graphically and in scale as I continue to develop it but I’m just too excited to not start to show it and see what you all think!

As well as continuing to develop Gym Empire daily, in the short term I am focusing on building up the online presence of Gym Empire so that I can get as much feedback as possible. I truly want Gym Empire to be a game that is built for and with the community. In the long term I am gathering all the great ideas you have given me so far and building up the feature list to decide what goes into the Early Access release and what goes into the final release. I want to get Gym Empire in your hands as soon as possible but I know what a great opportunity we have to make a truly great game, so it is most important for me to make sure it is as fun and enjoyable as possible!

I hope you like what you see and welcome to journey of Gym Empire!

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