Gym Empire is a gym simulation and management game. You take on the role of a personal trainer trying to make ends meet training clients in your garage. Build your way up to number one on the block, the city, the country and the world by building your Gym Empire how you want. Will you make a commercial gym or specialise in a certain field? Will you focus on training clients yourself or hire staff to train clients while you focus on managing your Gym Empire? The choice is yours.


  • Personally train clients
  • Hire staff to help training as your client base grows
  • Progress from garage to storage closet to world renowned gym
  • Specialise your gym or keep it commercial
  • Choose between micro management or overall business management
  • Train clients to go on to become celebrities
  • Strike deals with sponsors
  • Avoid lawsuits by looking after your clients
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Gym Empire Demo Out Now


Today is a big day. It's been a long road. Gym Empire is now available to play.


Playable Demo

This Test/Demo build represents only 10% of the finished game and serves two purposes. Helping us the developer and rewarding you the awesome and dedicated community for your superb support so far.


Alpha Test

The Alpha Test helps us to find as many bugs as possible. Especially those really annoying game breaking bugs. We've done our best to kill as many of those pesky bugs as possible. But due to our limited ability to do broad testing I know some of them will still be there. I apologise in advance for those annoying bugs that found there way through the cracks into this first build. But you are going to be the superheroes of this community that help us catch every one of those pesky bugs!


This is also an opportunity to highlight any features you would like to see, as there are many planned that are not present in the demo.



The other purpose of this build is to finally let you, the amazing community, get a taste of Gym Empire. It's been a long time coming and you all have been so dedicated and patient.


Access to the demo is on itch.io which is provided through a simple link in our Discord server:

Discord Link

So what are you waiting for? Let's start your Gym Empire...

Add Gym Empire to your Steam Wishlist now.

Join our Patreon to support development of Gym Empire and get exclusive access to in depth behind the scenes news and other awesome rewards.

For more regular Gym Empire updates check out the Chronik Spartan blog.

Early Access Trailer

Early Access Trailer


Gym Empire Early Access Release is getting closer, so now is the perfect time for a new trailer!

The Importance Of A Loading Screen

The Importance Of A Loading Screen

News 2 comments

When developing your indie game, it is often the small details and features that make the biggest impact to the user.

Losing Weight Is Hard - Even In Gym Empire!

Losing Weight Is Hard - Even In Gym Empire!


Introducing changing body shapes in Gym Empire was more tricky than I expected.

Gym Empire - Meet Joe!

Gym Empire - Meet Joe!


Meet Joe. A lot more than just your Gym Empire guide...

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