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Welcome the main hub for development of a new Indie Title “Into the Deep”

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First of all I would like make a small intro. I was always interested in games that had you as a captain of a ship, both naval and space, I liked them the same. There are some beautifully crafted games that inspired me, most of them had You behind the bridge. So rogue-like Faster Than Light had you command a spaceship with an alien crew, in Silent Hunter series you were a captain of a submarine and you had controls over every nook and cranny, also story driven exploration game Sunless Sea and the one I recently stumbled upon, a 2D game called Barotrauma, where almost everything in the submarine was physically simulated including water and pressure and it is also multiplayer!

I had at least 6 years of programming experience and 2 years of working with Unity when I started making this game. I had made some other games before to share between my closest friends, and one for my thesis, but none of them were made public, or reached a level of development where they could be made into a decent playable title.

Over few months I started prototyping, collecting references, improving my ideas and decided I wanted to share some of my progress with the community.

The Idea

The main idea is for this game in it’s final form to become a Singleplayer 2.5D lovecraftian submarine game, where you had to manage your resources and crew, explore the unknown semi-procedurally generated world, dive deep in to the mysterious story (quite literally), craft and upgrade your submarine which responds to the world around it in a simulated way. I also want it to have fun fluid interaction, destruction, which directly impacts the gameplay. I also want to make this a community driven development. So I will be 100% open about everything, where I spend the donated money (monthly report), why there are delays (I hope we never come to that), what are my current and future goals.

Progress so far

So here you go a first snaps I made, during the month of development.

Water and physics

At first I wanted player to be able to manage every part separately, but I also wanted an easy way to control characters and not to overwhelm the player, so I did some prototyping with the UI.

Using the default Unity’s pathfinding implementation I started experimenting with the character controls.

Later on I wanted player to be able to switch between and control/manage multiple characters easily. Also using a second camera and a sonar shader I added a simple sonar solution that actually works quite well.

I started experimenting with the ship controls and water!

I wanted to get a feel and mood for my prototype, so it can make it easier to understand how underwater works.

It didn’t always work as intended…

Some more coding and tweaks, I had a pretty nice control scheme that I was satisfied with. Definitely not in its final form!

What the future holds

For now it is a project that I work on my free time. But I want it to become the only thing that I focus on right now. So feel free to donate and let me share my creativity with You, let me dedicate all my time to this project and see my dream come true.

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