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The 2nd weekly update, in which there is a short new video and I talk about what's happening with development currently!

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Greetings IndieDB/ModDB. Today is my day off, and so I have spent my free time playing Rock Band 3, having a cold Mike's Hard Lemonade, and also putting together a short video showing some of the more recent areas I'm working on for my game, Lights. I recently uploaded a short video with a little footage of those areas shown, and you can view it on Youtube:

Or right here:

Currently, my main focus is with hammering out the level design for the dungeon. Keeping it fresh around every corner is what I'm about in terms of design. It's a small map, but it should be filled with lots of dark and wonderful things to do. And, of course, piecing together the different components of the story is the goal of the game, so much of that will be done through notes and in-game dialogue as well. A big challenge has been figuring out where to place certain portions of the story in the dungeon, since the player can go where they want when they want to. It's mostly come down to putting certain sections farther or closer by to certain areas. A lot of testing will be going in to this aspect of the game because it's vital to the experience in my opinion.

Moving to the topic of dialogue. the voice auditioning ends on March 19th! I'm VERY excited to finally make the final decision for casting and get some dialogue in-game to give it that extra push in terms of atmosphere. To me, audio is at least 75% of what makes a horror game work. Just my opinion, but I could argue it pretty well if I needed to.

I have also posted the track heard in the video above to the page. It was produced by Sean-JS, one of my Soundcloud friends! You can listen to it here:

Overall, things are still slow (all one-man teams out there, I respect you) but definitely developing nicely. The puzzles I have created thus far will be environmental, survival, and logical puzzles. A little something to hopefully confuse everyone ;)

If you read all this, thank you! I appreciate everyone who is watching or has even taken a slight interest in the game. And now, back to work! Cheers ~ Drgy55

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