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Music always plays a big part, and even though its not the best kind for dancing, it is a great start! So lets dive into some of them, this week!

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How about a dance to these jolly tunes?... Wait...

It's music alright, just not the dancing kind

Yup! This week it's all about some sweet sweet music!

Songs that have a bit of a dark theme, which fits the flow of the game just nicely!

All of them created and composed by our fantastic Music Designer:

Yadin Michaeli

Lets take a listen to some of them

Song 1

Song 2 (Variant of Song 1)

Song 3

Song 4 (Variant of Song 3)

Song 5 (Im sure you recognize this one)

They set up the mood amazingly, don't they?

Every day we approach release date, and while we can't speak dates, it gets exciting as the time approaches!

I can't wait for everything to flow together in motion in this house of mysteries, and for all of you to enjoy.

Well then, that is it for this week's post!

We hope you all enjoyed what we have for you and hope we can show you even more amazing things as this journey keeps going.
Until next time!

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