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Whats new and where I'm at? Game modes, models, animating, level design, fixes, improvement, and beta.. Beta!

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Ok, so here it is:

- All of the game modes are in and working, but also need further testing.
- The player weapon / kicking got fixed and works amazingly.
- There are plenty of messages sent to the player for information during the game. Stuff like; "The hill is controlled by the rebel team!" or "[your name] controls the hill!" and "The hill is contested!"... and more text for other game modes.
- Got server end game music (Mariachi music) when the game has been won and the server will be changing map.
- Few new sounds, particle updates, map improvement? nahh. It works.
- Added Power-ups:

673 The Jetpack - Allows for temporary flight with a jump boost. Run on auxiliary.

499 Adrenaline - Boosts regular speed, run speed, and jump height.

The power-ups will become a server option, so you can still play without them in what I'd consider a more competitive fashion.

I got a couple people who may contribute maps for the release (Dec 4) (but I'm extremely rushing them, and encourage sacrifice to their presentation for the sake of quantity). One who is currently developing the mod "PUNT: Rebirth" (check it out: ) and Timian who is my fellow co-dev on Timian's brain child "ICE" (check it out: ).

Still looking for help if anyone wants to take up the challenge of developing a map in less than two weeks. It grants you beta access right away!
Did I say "beta"? So big big news.. I'm locking down the development. Everything that is in place is now is the conception of the release and so we are now in beta folks! From here on out its nothing but fixes and improvements until the last week. :D will it be ready? lets see what happens next.

Also, added another video of some current game play (still with dumb bots), but also showing the power-ups, and snowman smash game mode.

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Nice dude keep it up :3

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