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Tried out adding ride-able dragons, turned out it was easy, and kinda cool, but too much code...

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We Could've Had Dragons!

I wanted to add another mode of travel into the game. Something a step up from horses and ships. I thought at first ‘fire mares’, after watching Krull. Maybe ‘fire stallions’. However, the game is not good at distinguishing between tiles that look the same (surprise!). So, I looked at all the other creatures and wondered, are any of them ride-able? Bingo. Yes. Dragons!

So I set about making a ride-able dragon.

I feel just like the Dragonriders I feel just like the Dragonriders

Getting it in game, and mountable, was a cinch. But how was it to move? Like a horse? Like a ship, affected by wind direction? Should it be able to ‘hover’, or should it move constantly, like a balloon? Still not sure on these counts, but I opted for a combination of constant flight, mixed with determinable direction.

I must say it was fun. I want to ride a dragon right to the mouth of the Abyss, after passing through the bay of Pirates and annihilating them with fireballs. I think dismounting from the back of a dragon, then descending into the odyssey of the Abyss, would be a suitable finale.

Unfortunately I have run out of space for coding. Dragons have to be cut to finish the mod. Alas!

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