Ultima IV - Threat of the Trinity

This project aims to modify the original Dos Ultima IV to add additional content, via quests, locations and features. It will also avoiding altering the original quest content as much as possible, permitting the game to be completed in the original fashion, whilst still making the new content available. A few bug fixes of the original code will also be added.


Bug Fixes/Improvements

Moonphases restored on save

All chest trap types working

No more infinite Mystic Weaps/Armor

Hythloth bug fixed

Missing Lord British dialogue fixed

Ship instant repair bug fixed

Camping at sea bug fixed

Omni-tavern bug fixed

Status-Trick fixed

Passage of the Moons-Trick fixed

Energy Spell Dungeon Drilling-Trick fixed

Missing Mana in Inns bug fixed

Buggy Ankh and Lord combat sprites fixed

Missing Sacrifice gain fixed

Attackable chests bug fixed

Money Overflow bug fixed

Disappearing Horse bug fixed

Phantom Pirate ships bug fixed

Pre-slept Monsters bug fixed

Shop dialogue bugs/errors

Inn Encounter bug fixed

Talking Chest bug fixed

Yes/No Escape bug fixed

All known dialogue bugs fixed

Other Small fixes

New Features

New Hamlets and Towers

New Dungeons (Crypts)

New Caves and Mines

New Huts and Wilderness Inns

New World Region (Underdeep)

New Shops and Merchants

New Shipwrights

New Major Quests

New Minor Quests

New Side Quests

New Virtue Trackers

More than one hundred new Characters

Random Encounters

New, powerful Artifacts

2nd levels for all Towns

Multi-level Castles

New magic system

New tiles/sprites

New mounts

Ultima V style Active Player

Ultima V style reagent mixing

Ultima V style directional search

Town Saving

Diagonal attacks

New Spawning rules

Variable Battle maps

Terrain based combat bonuses

Terrain based Camp maps

Virtue based NPC reactions

Variable NPC personalities

More accurate Port of Apple II original

Expanded NPC conversations (reduced scope)

Many, many more small additions

Other Highlights

Saved games are compatible with vanilla Ultima IV


All credit goes to ergonomy-joe for making this possible, thanks to his u4-decompiled.

James Van Artsdalen for the conversion to C for Dos

George Stepan for the town and world editors

Lord British for the greatness that is Ultima IV

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Well, so far there are a decent number of people interested in feelies.

However, spending money on commissioning a map for the project might not be in the works. Map making can be a time consuming affair, and in the end could cost a goodly chunk of money. Considering the level of interest I have seen in the project thus far, commissioning a map would likely take up an overly large cut of the overall cost. Enough that it could impact production/expenditure on other important things, like the book or box.

So I am trying my hand at making the map myself. If I do it it will cost the project nothing, and allow me to push funds into other places. Perhaps I can’t make the map as well as the artist I have/had lined up, but I may be able to do it well enough to do the project justice. So that is where I am at right now. Here is a little photo gallery showing my work in progress.




While I carry on with this I have added a ‘Landing’ page for the website, which introduces the Feelies and let’s people sign up if they are interested. I am not really doing any promotion at all, so if you do know someone who might be into getting feelies, and the mod itself, send ‘em this way!

There is still some time before I commit to some kind of crowd-funding effort, but it is looking likely.

I have made considerable progress on producing the ‘digital’ resources for the feelies. I may have to make some kind of checklist and start marking them off as I complete them. Obviously the map is not done, but several other components are good to go, or very nearly.

How about Beta testing!? Well, the beta testers are going through their second play throughs. Limited bug fixing, as there are not too many left, but one combat bug has reared its head and taken up some of our focus/effort. Other than that it is mostly balancing stuff now.

A Box Full of Feelies

A Box Full of Feelies


Anyone out there want feelies? Because I feel like making some.

So Close Yet So Far

So Close Yet So Far


Beta testers are going through their second playthrough, testing the updated content.

Beta Play-through Complete

Beta Play-through Complete


Beta testers have all completed full play-throughs of the game.

Beta Update

Beta Update


The Beta testing continues ahead full steam, and a new default bug has been encountered.

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Glad to read the latest news. And those feelies looks great, I mean like.....damn good!!

Sorta bummed that you cant get the original music into the game though =(

C64 sid music for this game was the best!

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cambragol Creator

Feelies are just a simulation, though digital versions of several are done and ready for production. Glad you like the look of them!

Music was always low on my priority, as I played without it. You can always fire the original music from any version you want up in youtube and play along. It can get pretty repetitive in some places, so blissful/meditative silence might be for the best.

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This looks really interesting. I will be keeping my eye on this hoping to see it release. There have been a few really interesting looking Ultima series mods that have come and gone through the years, but most of them turn to vaporware. This looks like you've already spent quite a bit of time on it and actively have people testing it, so I'm cautiously optimistic that this won't be joining the fallen many.

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cambragol Creator

It may join the fallen many, though that would likely be because I don't want to do a digital release. The actual game is releasable now, and is just going through extensive final polishing.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is there a way you would allow us to download this to play? I was super excited to relive this game, with even more content, but Firefox, and internet explorer has a blank screen for the demo, and google chrome loads it diagonal.
Could there just be a file to download so we don't lose saved with updates? Perhaps then we would just port in our new saves our selves when you publish new updates.

But, either way, thank you, I look forward to spending hours on this game again. I still remember where a few of the runes are. I'm excited.

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cambragol Creator

Thanks for your interest!

This is just a tech demo, so it contains no actual mod content. There would be nothing to play, as I am just looking for people to test the code for any big bugs. I don’t want to release a file that just confuses people, as it seem a good number have already thought this demo was a demo of the actual mod, which it is not. Just a slice of its new functions.

I suggest using the Brave browser to try the demo.

If you are not into testing, just hold tight for the actual game, which will be downloadedable eventually.

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Is this a C64 port? If so, will it have the original sid music? Cause ultima 3 and 4 had the best sid scores!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
cambragol Creator

It's a modification of the Dos port. So no music. However, there is another mod out there that adds music in for dos. So that could be added to this after. Though, it might be nice to include it in a final build.

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Music - for sure.

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cambragol Creator

I looked into it, and though it is possible, 60% of the add would have to be scraped to make way for the music. So, no chance.

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