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Big update today! Release info, a video showing how to use infinite rockets and a Dev Diary on Bandits and Bandit Base raiding

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Release Info

Hi everyone! I'm here to announce the Release Date is Thursday, 14th of September 2017, this game will be available on Steam! If you are a YouTuber or a Streamer and you are after a review code, head here.

Today's Video: Fun with Infinite Rockets

Above: Today's video is trying out Quad Rocket Launchers with infinite ammo! Shows how to set up the game and what you can do!

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Meet The Bandits

Despite the collapse of the national government, many people have managed to maintain a living. Others were not as fortunate. Some have formed factions that make money from protection racketeering. Some appropriate the symbology of the previous state authorities. Others have failed to accumulate any kind of power or wealth and need to sustain themselves with violent crime.

These bandits hide out in bases scattered around the map. Sometimes these are dilapidated buildings, but other times these are makeshift fortifications or even abandoned bunkers.

Bandit Bases

Bandit bases consist of some structure(s), a spawner (a burning barrel) and various hidden chests and lockers. Nifty loot items spawn in theses chests, but chests can only be opened if the base is captured. Eliminate all of the defenders or outnumber the defenders to capture the base!

bandit banditbase

Bandit Base Levels & Loot Farming

Bandit bases have levels (1 – 5). This determines the number of bandits in the base, and their strength. This also sets the quality of the loot in the base. Higher level bandit bases are more likely to spawn silver and gold tier weapons and higher tier weapon mods.

A captured base can be abandoned using the “Abandon Occupation” button. If the bandit base has been occupied for a few minutes then it will gain a level. Repeatedly capturing and releasing a bandit base will “train” the bandits and make them more effective.

Finally a bandit base can be removed for good by converting it into a player base.

bandit occupiedbanditbase

Bandit Base Raid Gif

Above: Flawlessly attacking a Bandit Base and checking out some of the loot!

Mega Bandit Base

In randomly generated cities a Mega Bandit Base spawns. This has three times the loot, but also three times the bandits guarding it. It also has something different – rocket bandits! These will pepper you with explosive rockets unless you can evade them or neutralise them first.

This base is easier to take down if you have friends helping you in multiplayer, but then you'll have to split the loot with them ;). If you are lucky there will be an vacant lot nearby and you can build a staircase to sneak over the wall with.

bandit banditbasebig
The Big Bandit Base

bandit bbcombat
Taking out this base solo is very difficult!

Attacks on Buildings

Every now and again the bandits will attack a building. You will get a mission notifier for this, killing them is a nice quick way to get some cash and reputation. As you level up you can unlock more interesting bandit defence missions, including rooftop missions!

Kinds of bandit attacks:

  • Hold up missions: Groups of 2-4 bandits hold up houses or small businesses
  • Rooftop Gang missions: A group of bandits meet up on the rooftops of tall buildings and are equipped with a variety of weapons, including rocket launchers. Attacking them directly could be difficult...
  • Big building missions: A large number of bandits hold up large buildings, such as the Hospital or Department Store and are equipped again with a variety of weapons. You don't have to kill all of them - if you kill enough of them they will become demoralised and run away
  • Office tower mission: Bandits take over a large office building – clearing them out will take some work. Shred your way though them for a massive cash and reputation reward!

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nice - i would review this game but i dont stream but i would make tutorials etc and showing off things

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