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A view from the NPC prototyping and the warriors who they became

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For those of you who didn't already see the prototyping Screenshot or the Dev Blog - here's the screenshot again. The prototype warriors just wore some chain mails, the basic weapons and leather on their feet. The whole body is almost one piece.


Now we added armor pieces - every single one unique and hand-crafted - and the warriors got some shoes and barcers. There is still only one type of shield but we'll create some more soon. They also got human skin and serious countenance.screen 1666x957 2018 06 25 20 44

This scene is a first view on our battlefield. It's very important for the gameplay and storytelling and the cinematic trailer which we are working at with full power - but so far we don't want to tell too much. ;) Do you like the atmosphere in this picture?

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