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Lets talk about general information of this mod and it's current goals.

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War Regiment aims to be a unique mod of his type thanks to it's original thematic (may be hackneyed in the general industry but for an X-Ray mod it's nearly the first time).

This mod is not based on the stalker universe in any aspect, just on an alternative storyline during the current World War 2. Also I think it's important to remind that this mod is not 100% historically accurate and don't tries to do it.

Even if this mod is multiplayer, it will not feature global official servers, just can be played through LAN games using apps like RadminVPN. (This is fault of GameSpy code inside engine)

About gunplay.

Currently the main objective on the development, I been porting all the guns from TAZ 2.0 weapons pack (Credits to mp5lng) which has the most large WW2 guns arsenal right now so it's really useful, but at some point I will port new weapon models from another games (reusing animations tho).

About gameplay

Mostly the classic stalker multiplayer gameplay but with new touches, since this mod is inspired on RO41-55 and DoD: Source, expect a game with a balance between the realism and the arcade. Maps also have been designed to contribute in gameplay (More info in the mapping section)

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About graphics

Maybe a high percentage of people won't like this decision, but Dynamic lightnings and upper have been cut from this mod, featuring only Static lightning.

This has been done for 2 things:
1) Engine related issue with Dynamic lightning
2) Design decision to get a feel from old classic games from 2004-2005

Maps and weather have been tweaked to be more brighter in Static lightning so don't worry about game being way too dark. Also mapping design plays a big role on this since they feature a big amount of nice details with new assets (More info on mapping section)

ss rammaken 09 20 22 16 41 53 d

About mapping

The most strong part of this mod, currently theres only one map:

  • dm_townhall.

It's set in France and has been designed to be a clash between Axis and Soviets in front of the townnhall. This map features a lot of new assets like tanks, halftracks, destroyed furniture and vehicles, buildings, military equipment and weaponry from each faction, etc.

ss rammaken 09 20 22 16 44 20 d

ss rammaken 09 20 22 16 42 42 d

ss rammaken 09 20 22 16 43 00 d

You can find a alternative way to flank enemys or go through the roofs to get a nice spot for using snipers. Remember, you can play with the environment there are many hidden cool details.

ss rammaken 09 20 22 13 53 12 d

Maps features new details using many wasted aspects from original games, examples: Static particles, like smoke from recent artillery strikes and fire flames coming out of the buildings and destroyed vehicles.
Ambient sounds, now you can hear constant infantry gun fire, artillery explosions and weaponry shooting on the surroundings to offer a immersive experience during your battles.

ss rammaken 09 20 22 16 44 44 d

ss rammaken 09 20 22 16 44 51 d

There are too many things and other aspects that I haven't touched too much yet like menus, HUD and general UI, player models and animations, voice acting, etc. But all of that its just question of time and hours of work.

ss rammaken 09 20 22 16 37 11 m

Future goals for this mod after release, is making new DLC expansions taking place on other WW2 scenarios with other factions, like in the Pacific War, with Japanese and USA weaponry, maps and models.

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Well this is getting a follow

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Sgt.McHale - - 301 comments

A welcoming change from the copy-paste realistic survival mods.

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freedomer - - 255 comments

What in the hell? This has to be the last thing I ever expected from a stalker mod lmao. But it sure is interesting

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Holy moly this looks amazing, you deserve some serious props my dude. Following!

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