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You probably noticed the lack of well, everything in the videos, don't worry!

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This update is just quick and I felt like I had to clarify something to ya'll.

You've probably noticed that we've uploaded some videos recently, and as thewonderboy pointed out the videos don't seem to match the quality of the screenshots we've been putting up.

I thought it would be better to give an update about this to get things clear instead of a comment.

The videos we upload have many features disabled for recording purposes, we know you want to see the full shaders and lightmaps enabled and you will soon, I promise, but for now we're using the fact that most video capture software is quite CPU intensive to test how well the game copes on CPU resources, by gradually enabling things we require the game to need more and more CPU (and GPU) power, by doing this we can give a rough estimate at specs you will need. I know I've made a comment on the specs I think will be needed but that could be completely wrong. This is being used as a strong performance and stress test on the game, hopefully within the next few weeks you'll get full ambience and lighting videos coming your way, the map is being completely populated with ambience now, what you're seeing in these videos is actually a complete re-do of the original Dead Street map, we're trying to get it as exact to the original as possible.

Oh, I should explain that too, some of you know that we were originally using FPS creator to build our maps, then import them into the game as we didn't have the time with college to create entire maps using a 3D editor, well that idea's gone now, FPS creator isn't useful to us as it doesn't allow Y axis placement of objects as we like them, everything has to be on the level specified, so we scrapped it. We are now using a 3D editor to create the entire maps which is why we have had to rebuild the entire map using the entities and such from the original map, so we spent a while on that, but you can probably tell it's looking much better as with Y placement, we can choose the height of objects and more specifically and importantly lights. Having lights fixed at a certain height is what p***ed me off so much to want to change. (Gbert hates me for it, but it's much better in the long run. Plus better experience for him :))

Well that went on for much longer than I'd expected, sorry about that, just thought I'd put your minds to rest about quality, it's pretty important in this type of game to have pretty shaders.

We will have a HUGE update about awards and various goodies soon too, I've been working on the awards system far too much recently, I keep expecting to get little award notifications for things like waking up in the morning o.O


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Also: Forgot to mention - the videos hate their aspect ratio when they are uploaded, for some reason everything gets squashed a little, gaps aren't that small!

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thewonderboy - - 653 comments

cool :o

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unknow5763 - - 905 comments

okay did not really notice lacking effecs

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