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Version 7.1 of Hard Doom has finally been released!

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Hard Doom v7.1

V7.1 Change List


  1. Added smooth weapons.
  2. Improved the weapon functionality of the Sonic Railgun and Skulltag Railgun.
  3. Added a particle effect to bullet & chainsaw puffs.
  4. Lowered the Sonic Railgun's drop rate to 6.25% (from 7.5%).
  5. Increased the spread on the Sonic Railgun's primary fire to 1.8,1.2 (from 1,1) so it's less useful long range.
  6. Added ejected cells to the Skulltag Railgun.
  7. Made railgun shots use sprites instead of particles (requires ZDoom 2.7.0+).
  8. Added a particle effect to rail impacts.
  9. Adjusted grenade gravity and bounce factors. The grenade launcher should feel a little better now and you should kill yourself less.
  10. Added new sounds for rocket/grenade explosions.
  11. Replaced the grenade bounce sound with a better one.
  12. Adjusted the Quad Shotgun blast and Super Shotgun fire sounds slightly.


  1. Tweaked Sonic Railgunners more. Fixed a bug that caused them to keep firing when losing LOS of the target. Also increased their primary attack spread to 2.4,1.2 (from 2,1) and gave their secondary attack a spread of 1.2,0.6.
  2. Sonic Railgunners are now bright when firing and their dynamic lights are a little brighter. No more being ninjas in dark areas!
  3. The Dark Imp's strong projectiles (pink) now weave slightly.
  4. Tweaked the Bruiser Demon's fire spawner attack. It's now only used at less than 1024 range and dies once it has traveled 1548 range.
  5. Tweaked the Bruiser Demon's projectile spread attack. It now throws 5 projectiles instead of 6.
  6. Reworked the Annihilators rockets. They now stop seeking the target once they are dodged, however they are slightly more aggressive.
  7. Raised the Annihilator's chance to fire homing rockets from 30% to 40%.
  8. Tweaked the Fusion Arachnotrons attack pattern (more random & covers slightly less area).
  9. Added a trail to the Arachnotron Mk3's projectiles.
  10. Added new sprites for the Rocket Zombie.
  11. Gave the Rocket Zombie 78% damage reduction to his own rocket.
  12. The Visage ice ball and Ancient Apparition ice breath speed debuff now lasts 1 second longer.
  13. Added some gore to the Cyberdemon's and Spider Mastermind's deaths.
  14. Lowered the Cyberfiend's Health to 200(from 300) and gave it a lunge attack.
  15. Made the Necrodemon's projectiles weave horizontally.
  16. Made the Necrodemon's tracer less aggresive and raised its damage to 8-56(from 12-42).
  17. Made the Agathodemon's attack pattern less aggressive and made its tracers slightly less aggressive.
  18. Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Bruiser Demons and Pyro Demons to infight.


  1. Added new player sounds for all genders.
  2. Added new menu sounds.
  3. Added some sounds from Perkristian's sound pack.
  4. Added new secret, armor pickup, and key pickup sounds.
  5. Adjusted the playback volume of footsteps.
  6. Improved gibs by adding rotation sprites and removing the blood pools spawned by gibs.
  7. Added smooth items and props.
  8. Added lens flare to candelabra.
  9. Added more explosion sprites to barrels so they look nicer.
  10. Fixed a bug that caused the kill counter to not display over 999.
  11. Improved the HUD alignments, it should look a little better now.

Looks great!

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