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Well, Version 2.7 hopefully will arrive this coming vacations with the initial map pack to deliver some fun à la Quake 3.

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Currently some things is about to change in Version 2.7 as well new features as bugfixes and hopefully a launch trailer will come with it.

Players recieved the Walk animations extension as said in the past news, and now it is time for some monsters have their improvements:

Hellknight recieved more steriods to fight the players to look tall but not so skinny (as i made him with longer legs he feels visualy weak) as well as Cyberdemon.

Cynetik Shotgun was removed and was replaced by Cynetik Striker Cannon, currently it is still WIP:

Trakion Cannon was modified to have a proper attack now instead of just look a weak version of BFG10k but of Electricity:

All weapons recieved a visual upgrade from Quake Arena Arcade and now they looks visually better in HUD, they also glows by brightmaps now (that means only parts which emmits light will really glow in dark places), Railgun and Lightning Gun is the weapons which shows most differences:

Veltanir is currently finished as well the entire entrance of Baerhon's Dungeon, the first part shouldn't be so hard to create since i am planning something more linear and also another boss, Mehanir.

Currently the map pack have only 2 maps (may looks like it have tons of it, but many of the pictures comes from a single map), but the plan is to have at least 3 playable to launch it and then release some more along the common updates.

ThEdRuNkSkUnK - - 22 comments

Can't wait!

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VGames - - 3,972 comments

Looks good

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L3d - - 750 comments

kinda getting used to no blood in q3a live, and now this

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Olku_ - - 2,075 comments

It is fun with blood imo. Not the Brutal Doom level but still good.

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