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The work on Version 2.7 is nearing completion and Veltanir is delaying a bit to get done due to him being a boss with RPG-style mechanics.

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The content in Version 2.7 will rebalance some monsters as well change some characteristics on them:

  • Bruiser and Mancubus had the height of their hitboxes reduced to match their head height (before it was a bit beyond it)
  • Hellknight and Baron Of Hell is 10% and Berzerk 15% visuall smaller now to their heads fits into their hitboxes (especially Berzerk that his head was completely out of the hitbox height):

User Posted Image

  • Cyberdemon was redited to have shorter legs near the original of Doom 3 to unstuck at least on Ultimate Doom's E2M8 to gives the player some challenge:

User Posted Image

  • Asmodeus (The Spider Mastermind) recieved a complete rework on animations and gained two chainguns to keep fidelity to who it replaces, the old plasma ball attack remains, but more harder to dodge and charges a bit faster:

  • The players now can use the walk modifier and the character will properly do the walk animation instead of just "run slower":

The Dungeon is progressing a bit slow now because Veltanir is the first boss i am coding which have RPG style mechanics, due to this several tests are made for each thing done since he works with ACS and DECORATE together, he still have basic particle effects on his attacks and none for his arena while fighting him and multiplayer tests still have to be made to see if everything works normally.

Cybermax - - 213 comments

This video is just breathtakingly. I am appalled by what the picture can be squeezed out of the good old Doom engine.

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Olku_ - - 2,074 comments

That jump animation is weird (legs lol)

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ThEdRuNkSkUnK - - 22 comments

Can't wait for the update. Oh, and how do you enable 3rd Person mode?

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Zanieon Author
Zanieon - - 197 comments

You can simply down the console and type "Chase" or bind a key to it in the controls menu, it is the "Chasecam" option, you can also adjust height and distance with "chase_height" and "chase_dist", that is G/ZDoom/Zandronum native code, works with anything.

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments


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