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Ok, here we are with the first group of conflicts added : some of the Post-Soviet conflicts. This is not final and some of them will probably be changed (a picture will be added if something is changed).

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The Post-Soviet conflicts design the conflicts in the countries of the former Soviet Union since shortly before its official breakup in December 1991. Some of them were due to political crises, others involved separatist movements attempting to break away from one of the successor states.

Conflicts Added : ,Transnistria war, Tajik Civil war or Tajik insurgency (undecided), Second Chechen war (insurgency phase), 2008 Russo-Georgian War,Insurgency in the North Caucasus, War in Donbass.

Teams added : Russia, Ukraine, Georgia,Novorossiya, Ichkeria, Caucasus Emirate, Tajikistan, United Tajik Opposition, Moldova, Transnistria militia.

Oh, and don't care about the maps,they are just good maps to take pictures.


Flag of Russia Russia

First, here are our great Russian skins for Chechnya and Ossetia made by Matthewbf.


screen065 1

screen088 2

The following skins have been done by me for Caucasus :


screen106 1

screen129 1

Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

screen156 1


screen157 1

Flag of Georgia Georgia

Skin done by TheObscure for USMC , modified by me to feat with Georgia


screen070 2


Flag of NovorossiyaNovorossiya




screen120 1


Flag of Caucasian Emirate.svg Caucasus emirate

Here , The Caucasus emirate is very similar to Chechen separatists of Ichkeria

screen117 1

This skin have been made by MILOSZ

screen126 2

Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan


Résultat de recherche d'images pour United Tajik Opposition


Flag of Moldova Moldova

Yes I know that this AK is from PR but don't care it is not used in this mod, the picture was taken in a personal mod.

screen199 1



Flag Transnistria



Well, with old soviet countries, it is hard to make equipment variation, because most of them are using the same weapons. Anyway, more guns will be added in step 2, but here is what we have for now :

Bizon PP-19 by Wei Wang

screen061 1

Makarov PM by Insurgent Strike mod

screen064 1

AK74 by Eversmen

screen067 2

PKM by Wei Wang

screen068 1

Dragunov SVU by Reapfreak

screen065 2

AKS-74u by Wei Wang


AK47 by Global Storm mod

screen073 1

RPK-74 animation and Meshhack by Ennemy's sniper

screen078 1

AK74M, modified Eversmen's AK74


FN57 by Reapfreak

screen120 2

UMP45 by Requin94

screen122 1

screen117 2

MP446 by Requin94

screen127 1



PPS43 by Battlefield Korea



Those vehicles are for Russia, vehicles for others teams, and again more for Russia, will be added during Step 2.

BMP-2 by USI mod

Same USI BMP-2 used for Iraq, but with Russian skin

screen086 2

BM21/URAL and UAZ by USI mod

Same USI UAZ used for Iraq, with Russian skin

screen104 1

T72 and 2S1 by USI mod

Same USI T72 used for Iraq, with Russian skin

screen106 2

SU39 and MIG29

screen130 1

screen132 1

Stationay D30 by General_Bradly

screen102 1

Ok, that's all, hope you like it, the next group will be showed in one week.

Ismoleboss Author

Note about soldiers :

Russia : I want to make a new one for the Chechen war to a more accurate uniform, and keep what is already did for South Ossetia war and Caucasus only.

Moldova : It is pretty hard to find photo of the correct uniform used during Transnistria war, I have just found the camo and I inspired myself on the information about equipment I got, I will make more research and try to enhance it.

Novorossiya : There is another soldier, who don't have mask, but for some reasons I wasn't able to take screenshot of it. He have a black shirt, a trouser with Kamush camo, and a cap.

Ichkeria and Caucasus Emirate : There are also 3 soldiers for Ichkeria and 2 for Caucasus Emirate who are not showed, I wasn't able to take screenshot too.

Tajikistan : I still don't know if I will make the Tajik Civil war : or Tajik Insurgency : , not both . About the soldiers you seen on the picture, the Tajik soldier is from Tajik Civil War while the United Tajik Opposition fighter is from Tajik Insurgency. XD What do you think ?

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Cool stuff! But the jet reskins just rock!!

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Ismoleboss Author

rock ?

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In English saying something "rocks" means like it is awesome, like Rock and Roll. :)

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Ismoleboss Author

Oh, so in that case thanks Frosty XD :D

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I just want to say I am happy to see our PPS43 in the mod from Battlefield: Korea! Great weapon!

My favorite looking weapon from this seems to be the amazing AKS-74u! It is one of my all time favorite weapons!

Also, that Makarov pistol looks pretty nice too!

Also the Russo-Gergian war from 2008 seems interesting. I don't know of many other games that feature that conflict.

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Ismoleboss Author

Ha ha thanks sir, I was myself happy when I tested the PPS43, it have a great animation :D The AKS-74 u too.

For the Makarov pistol, we will have to find another animation, because the reload animation isn't realistic for a Makarov I think.

I think there is a mod about Russo-Georgian war here but I wasn't able to play because one don't have weapons and I understand nothing :/

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You just made my day :D
Hyped for Moldova/Transnistria Wars :D

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Ismoleboss Author

I'm glad that it please to you friend, I will try to enhance it for a more better look and historical ^^

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I like this new direction of the mod. Great idea to explore the post-Soviet conflicts. Look forward to the next release!

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Ismoleboss Author

Thanks General_Bradly , I am interested in some of those conflicts even if I don't know much about them. :)

Btw, I have send you message, check your pm :)

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