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New version of the Titanium Wars Mod for Dark Crusade.

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Version 1.00.50 (26 February 2023)

Change log

- Autarch Skyrunner Reaper Launcher has good texture now. Thanks to Obsorber for good work. Autarch Skyrunner Reaper Launcher is true upgrade now (it was only easter egg in previous versions). OE-code for Autarch Skyrunner model was updated by GrOrc for true usage of new feature.
- Autarch model was essentially updated by GrOrc. New Autarch was added in the TWM -- Autarch Fire Storm. This Autarch has mastered several Aspect paths: the Path of Avenger, the Path of Spider, the Path of Dragon, the Path of Reaper, and ultimately, the Path of Command. Autarch Fire Storm may choose one of heavy weapon: Death Spinner, Fire Pike or Reaper Launcher. Model of Autarch able to show Autarch Fire Storm variants randomly in AP. In game Autarch gets his weapons via TWM-wargear-system.
- Howling Banshee and Howling Banshees Exarch models were changed. Old FoK models, but these models were essentially updated by GrOrc in 3D and OE. In particular Exarch can use Shuriken Pistol now.
- Howling Banshees and their Exarchs can use Plasma Grenades. Also they have Feral Leap passive ability after Call of War research.
- Howling Banshee Exarch's Executioner upgrade moved from Call of War Research to Long Blade Weapon Upgrade.
- Another update for Swooping Hawk and Swooping Hawk Exarch. Fixed some visual bugs.
- Stormboy and Stormboy Nob models were changed. Old FoK models, but these models were essentially updated by GrOrc in 3D and OE.
- Stormboyz have Feral Leap passive ability after Stormboy Speed Boost research.
- Stikk Bombs now depends on Stikk Bombs research in Da Boyz Hut. Tank Busta Bombs research now depends on Stikk Bombs research.
- Killa Kan was updated by GrOrc in 3D and OE. New weapons variants: Skorcha and Mega Blasta. Only one weapon can be choosed. Moreover Killa Kan and Ork Dreadnought will be able to uncapture strategic points. Ork Dreadnought was updated in 3D and OE too. Both models were fixed in 3D geometry and animations.
- Orks rokkits are updated.
- The last minute in the Necrons Stringhold is expressed in seconds.
- Fixed and changed some things in TWM-DC-campaign.
- Some other important changes.
- Fixed some little bugs.
- UCS-files were updated.

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