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New version of the Titanium Wars Mod for Dark Crusade.

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Version 1.00.43 (16 February 2022)

Change log

- Chaos Greater Daemons costs were greatly decreased.
- Raptors have Feral Leap passive ability after Jetpack Boosters research.
- Khorne Berserker, Skull Champion, Khorne Icon Bearer, Khorne Chosen Champion have Feral Leap passive ability too. If Raptors have it already, then Khorne warriors have it too. If Jetpack Boosters research is not done yet, then Khorne warriors able to obtain this ability by choosing Mark of Khorne doctrine.
- Possessed Chaos Marines move with own speed always.
- Large update for Chaos tanks: Chaos Predator, Chaos Rhino, Chaos Vindicator, Chaos Land Raider. 3D-models and OE-code were reworked by GrOrc. All Chaos tanks have some new visual effects, fixes in 3D-geometry and animations, updated OE-code (it's another update, since its last GrOrc's update in 2014).
- SM-units with Jump Pak have Feral Leap passive ability after "Jump Pack Boosters and Furious Charge" research (only "Furious Charge" in the past). Now this research has a double meaning.
- OE-codes for all SM-infantry models were updated by GrOrc. Some of them were updated in 3D too. More correct OE-code. Random view in the Army Painter was added for those SM-infantry where it is needed in TWM.
- Random view in the Army Painter was added for Warboss, Big Mek Boss, Big Mek.
- Psy Tower and Chaos Tower models were updated. Some tuning in geometry. Smoothing. Stencil shadow.
- Fixed some little bugs.
- Some other changes.
- UCS-files were updated.


Is there a way to have only the cosmetic aspect of this mod? that's the best part of your mod!!! as for gameplay, I spend like 3 min just planning and upgrading a handful of squads of space marines and then they are all dead in 10 seconds...

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