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This is the latest update for Kane's Wrath Reloaded.

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I have been sleepy, tired, pressured and stressful in the last several weeks trying to enhance this mod. This mod has a long way to go that I don't think I will ever finish it. Due to too much homework and chores, my time on this mod development has been slow. So far I have done something of major importance. Since I am not going to get all sub-factions working in the beta, I am saving them for the full 1.0 version since a lot of testing is needed.

Updated 6/6/2011
This is the main checkpoint for KW Reloaded since all KW units and structures have been added ingame, thus the release date has been official. There are some new gameplay changes and other changes being used in this mod. However, the latest beta version of 0.6 will only last for four days before a quick update of version 0.7 will be released since there are some immediate stuff being worked on already. Version 0.7 will be the last release for the season before the next huge update in the upcoming fall 2011. Additional changes not in version 0.6 will be in version 0.7. Notice that this beta version 0.6 did not include any new music until version 0.7.


Version 0.6 Beta Changes:
• Power usage is now similar to RA3 standards. GDI Power Plant cost 700 with 200 power and cost 300 for the upgrade with 100 power. Nod Power Plant cost 500 with 150 power and cost 500 for the upgrade with 150 power. Scrin Reactor cost 600 with 200 power and cost 400 for the upgrade with 100 power.
• Removed stealth detection to most vehicles/infantry on mines and aircraft. All enemy vehicles and infantry cannot detect mines, aircraft and stealth units except allied units and only the units that can detect stealth such as Pitbull, Orca, Attack Bike, Venom, Avatar (with Attack Bike commandeer upgrade), Seeker Tank, Zone Trooper, Sniper Squad, Shadow Team, Mothership and Mutant Marauder. Also removed ground stealth detection to AA Battery, SAM Turret and Plasma Missile Battery defenses. Remaining defensive structures that detect stealth remain unchanged.
• Barracks, Hand of Nod and Portal can now heal infantry for three seconds when garrisoned. In that way, the GDI Armory no longer heals infantry.
• GDI Watch Tower requires Barracks to be built. Shredder Turret requires Hand of Nod to be built. Buzzer Hive requires Portal to be built.
• Added GDI Sensor Array structure ingame. Cost is 1200 in 12 seconds with a limit of three on the field. This defensive structure can detect stealth units and other obstacles within a 500 radius and it also makes nearby infantry immune to suppression.
• Added the Scrin Mechapede ingame but with only a line squad of eight bodies with no front head. The problem in getting the front head in with a line squad of eight millipede bodies working is not that simple. Currently the unit cannot wiggle because of the coding incompatibility. Since the unit carries no upgrades, the unit is temporarily an offensive unit armed with eight razor drone laser weapons.
• All vehicles and infantry can no longer use their “call for transport” ability. This is all due to the building of those GDI/Nod Carryalls and V-Ox Transports from their airfields.
• Added GDI Carryall and Nod V-Ox Transport into the mod. As of now, the GDI/Nod Carryalls can transport vehicles (limit one vehicle per carryall) whereas the GDI/Nod V-Oxs can transport infantry (limit one per V-Ox). Carryalls can now carry some KW and C&C4 vehicles.
• Surveyors, Emissaries and Explorers are now buildable in the War Factory instead of Construction Yard.
• All MCVs and Drone Platforms will cost 5000 each. The selling of a construction yard is 2500.
• All CNC4 Units (except Mastodon) have their health increased slightly.
• Added all remaining neutral structures from GDI, Nod and Scrin factions into the mod.
• Added a bunker for the Mastodon which has a three-slot infantry to provide fire support.
• Added leadership attributes’ ability for the Redeemer and Eradicator Hexapod. Health, Armor, Rate of Fire, Attack Damage and Suppression are buffed as bonuses to nearby units around the Redeemer or Eradicator.
• Corrupter can now heal certain Scrin KW units involving the Eradicator. Healing effect now decreased by 50%.
• Guardian Cannon and Battle Base (deployed from Rig) will be equipped with railguns when upgraded.
• GDI Rig and Battle Base health are now equalized and buffed to 10000.
• Added KW staff credits list with the C&C3 staff credits. Credits now move at least two frames per second.

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It all sounds good, if the Mod is stressing you out just take a break from it man.

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