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This month marked yet another big milestone for the Verdun project. Starting humbly as in April we have since then been greenlit and are now available on the steam early access platform and an increasing number of players is joining. With the game being improved incrementally over the months we have seen the map detail, the size of the battles and netcode stability improve massively. Verdun is an indie game pur-sang with only 3 developers, we have worked hard, but it has only just begun!

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No less than 116 version have been created since April and we plan to add plenty more as we iron out all the flaws, fix the bugs, improve the gameplay and graphics.

This month we launched an exciting new update containing the long-awaited new map "Picardie". Picardie is our biggest map and will offer countless hours of gameplay fun. Picardie is the region in which many battles of the war were fought out; the infamous 1916 anglo-french offensive on the Somme, the German spring offensive in march 1918 and finally the start of the allied 100-day offensive in august of 1918. Picardie is set to reflect the battles fought in these rolling hills between Amiens and St. Quentin. A snapshot here of the Allied Second line (a roadside ditch as was common in the later years as the war of movement resumed):

In addition we are reforming the gameplay to a more mature and realistic trench-warfare based game. Players are now part of a one continuous battle that goes back and forth. You attack, consolidate the captured ground by repelling and enemy counter-attack and advance one line further. Argonne and Vosges both have 2 lines on each side of the nomansland, Picardy has 3.

Next to that we also added a binoculars to the officer roles, much required to place those long-ranged mortar rounds. Officers now have a crucial role making sure the team advances through nomansland, spawning in forward positions.

The Chasseurs 1914 uniform is now expanded with the iconic "Tarte" beret. In addition there is a small teaser hidden somewhere in the main menu of content to be expected in the future.
Last but certainly not least: Steam achievements. A first batch of steam achievements has been added to the game. We are going to add a lot more as we progress.

As we progress in making the game better step by step (we came a long way from the alpha in April) we take on several elements in each iteration. The addition of the new picardie map and the massive graphics improvement of the existing maps in combination with the gameplay update have greatly increased the state of the game. Next on we are going to take on the characters and overall stability and performance.

In February we will make a big content addition which will see the German Stosstruppen and their allied equivalent; the Canadian squad (armed with Lee-Enfields). Both will have gas-warfare as their main abilities.

Some Raw gameplay footage from the latest version.

Having been part of modDB/indieDB family for almost 10 years and now developing an Verdun from the ground up with 3 developers I do feel that this project belongs in its ranks. Our team greatly values feedback of gamers and developers alike. Feel free to leave any feedback.

Support our indie development effort; vote for us as "Indie of the year 2013"

Turkish007 - - 3,265 comments

Your efforts are priceless, we thank you a lot!

Cant wait to see how the February update look like :)

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VerdunLeo Author
VerdunLeo - - 72 comments

Oh forgot to mention; February will also add a map set in muddy Flanders (Passchendaele)

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Rismarck - - 65 comments

Yeah I looking forward to see a really dirty/muddy map!

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booman - - 3,651 comments

Awesome update and amazing work!
I can't believe only three people can create such professional quality work!
Keep it up!

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AudioGhostX - - 585 comments

Awesome work, gonna pick this game up during Steam's winter sale.

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CaptainShack - - 127 comments

Fantastic Guys well done

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momomo544 - - 101 comments

Haha Canada's gonna kick the Germans ***! I would love to see a Vimy ridge map if you ever do a one sided version where one team is just defending and the other is just attacking!

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