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Reuploading the old version of the mod with Valenwood.

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Ok, Ok, I got it! you guys are missing Valenwood too much.

Very well. While we all wait for the new release, I'm going to reupload v1.2 as it included Valenwood instead of High Rock.
You can dwell again in the small forest of Grahtwood.

As some of you might remember, I promised that this area will return in a future version of the mod (not the next one tho). I'll keep the promise and I'll try to make it x10 better with custom meshes and new stuff.

Have fun and remember to do many videos/screenshots and spread the news about this mod! Helps a lot for motivation :)

Link Abandoned Temple v1.2:

If you don't know/remember what that area was about, check out this video:


It has everything that was in last version or something new?

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LorSakymuni Author

This is an older version, instead of High Rock it had Valenwood.
I dediced to reupload it since many people asked me about it. I don't really recall every detail, but it should have pretty much everything that is in the last downloadable version (v1.3b) except the new spells.

About new version (v1.4): will update everyone in the next dev diary about its status and a possible release date :)

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