A recently abandoned temple with a complex dwemer machine lies in the Nibenay Basin (Cyrodiil) and it's ready to be claimed.
The house has everything you need: bookshelves, bathhouse, cooking stand, oven, storage, dragon claws, elder scrolls and masks display, alchemy table, black books placers. The mod offers 15 plants and ingredients from Oblivion (found around and inside the house). Inside the temple you'll also find a dwemer teleporter that lets you travel to Crosswych (High Rock) and Artaeum (Summerset Isles) where merchants are selling rare spells, staves and ingredients.
Everything is custom: from assets to music, as soon as you use the teleporter you'll find yourself in a completely new place filled with nostalgia.


DOWNLOAD LINK v1.3b: Mega.nz
Look for a grove called "Ancient grove" near Ivarstead. There's a cave there.


All DLCs: Dawnguard, Hearthfires, Dragonborn.
HDT skeleton required as well.


Add new worldspaces and vendors. I will also add more spells and staves. There will be small quests and new creatures as well.
I'm accepting suggestions and such. Check my nexus profile: Nexusmods.com

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Well, I have to confess, I didn't even realize how fast 2018 passed by.
Still, the future looks bright! 2019 is the year in which you will be passing time in the dreamy worlds I'm creating! Rejoice ;^)

(remember follow/check my Pinterest if you'd like to see which images-references I'm using!)

So, what happened?

It was a year full of discoveries.
There were two games that helped me a lot define what I wanted to recreate in my mod:The Talos Principle and Assassin's Creed Origins.

The first one (I strongly invite everyone to play it) is a masterpiece. The ancient roman ruins landscape and ambience is very well made, and it inspired me to directly visit the archeological sites of Pompei, Ercolano and Ostia Antica. While I was there I realized that my mod definitely needed to have those ruins in it as they still give you a sense of bliss, of mystery; a remain of ancient times.

Regarding the second one, while I didn't really enjoy the overall game since it was an historical mess of politically correct absurdities and errors, I did enjoy taking a stroll through Cirene. Combined with what I already saw in the roman districts of Ryse: Son of Rome, I felt that my mod needed to be expanded a bit to include an "intact" part of a roman city as well.

However, a big dilemma popped up in my mind: how to join the two things?
How to have a ruined ambience and a intact one? I spent months - I'm serious, many months - trying to find a way, and I was surely going into the wrong direction. Then, one day, the solution appeared: I just needed to create a particular imagespace (lightning) for the intact part, which will be a "shadow" of what that world once was.
That was the turning point, the point where everything started to make sense.

In the meantime I also learned how to better use 3ds MAX, Blender and Bodyslide, and it helped me tremendously in importing new assets that I was once unable to import into Skyrim.

So I decided to change plans a bit: you will start the exploration of this particular world in the "shadow of the past" part, and you will realize that it is only a dream that keeps living due to the strong memories of the people that lived there. Openings to the ruined present will show up and you will need to go through those to reach the garden of the satyr.
Might make no sense to you now, but you'll understand once you're there. I've written a book with all the story.

I also plan to add several new armors and clothes for this world, but on the first release they might be a bit "buggy" (meaning you might see the armor stretch or move in a strange way, I'm still learning how to fix it, however it's nothing immersion-breaking).

Will 2019 see the release of the new version of the mod? YES.
Is it really going to be THAT glorious considering the amount of time you put in it? SCREENSHOT FOR YOU, A GLIMPSE OF THE FORUM (100% new and refined assets) AND THE NEW ARMOR.


(Full HD view: Roman Forum)

Developer's diary #10

Developer's diary #10

News 3 comments

Developer's diary num.10: a lot of new updates and cool screenies.

Valenwood re-release

Valenwood re-release

News 2 comments

Reuploading the old version of the mod with Valenwood.

Developer's diary #9

Developer's diary #9

News 2 comments

Developer's diary num.9: refining, optimizing, checking.

Developer's diary #8

Developer's diary #8

News 2 comments

Developer's diary num.7: how the roman garden came to life.

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We are waiting for you mods!
Especally for elven part of it.
I hope it will be in new version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LorSakymuni Creator

Working on it ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
LorSakymuni Creator

Hello People!
I've just posted a status update. Not sure if it will be approved within today - I kept my promise, before the end of the year! - but I would still like to thank you all for you feedback and patience.

Wish you all wonderful 2019 full of success!

A 2019 where we can all explore these never-seen-before worlds, a mod I'm really hoping everyone will be able to enjoy and love.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Oh man, I remember hoping this mod would be out by last Christmas. I'm still looking forward to this, don't get me wrong. As a fellow inspiring Environmental Artist, I know how personal projects get sidelined. I've been putting off using the mod in its current version because I love to modify my houses, and knowing that a new version would require me to re-do all my work is disheartening. I've been itching to use the mod for ages, I do hope something comes out soon, even if it's a work in progress. If you ever do have to abandon this project for personal reasons, please post what you do have done. There are still those of us who would appreciate even that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
LorSakymuni Creator

I know, I know, it has been a loooong time.
I'm not abandoning this mod (and never will until is finished), I just do not have enough time in order to finish it in a reasonable time.
In the end I'm not paid to make a mod and yeah, got work and family to take care of before this.
Still, I'm putting a lot of passion into it and in the next developer update - out before the end of the year - I will explain everything in a much more detailed way.
Be patient and have faith :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

LorSakymuni, I've always felt this was the most atmospheric/highest quality location mod I've played that I keep wanting to come back to. Having committed to SE for years now I've missed being able to return to these lands, that somehow feel more real to me than anything in Skyrim.

I've found a way to port your work to SSE.
I'm sure many long-time fans and newcomers might really appreciate having access to this mod as it develops and I was wondering if you might allow me to upload it to the nexus on your behalf, with links to this page.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
LorSakymuni Creator

Sadly you cannot upload this mod on the Nexus or on Bethesda' store since it contains various meshes and textures that are not allowed there.
You wiil be banned very fast if you do so.
I'd suggest to upload it on a file sharing website such as Mega if you want to share with us the SSE version (with my thanks of course!).

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ahh yes, of course. Hmm I could upload somewhere if people would like, or post a guide about how to convert it. Useful for keeping the SSE version current with your updates.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Just commenting to let you know I'm still very interested and still come here every few weeks to check and see where you're at with it. The original mod was so lovely. Really excited about where you're taking it next!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Truly an -abandoned- temple. ;)
Hope you're doing okay. I still loyally check this page every few weeks :c.

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