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More new active skills have been added, mod now in testing stage!

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With development on Doomzone v1.7 winding down, the mod is entering the testing stages of development to make sure there aren't any outstanding bugs that need immediate attention. Now that all the active skills have been added to the dev build of the mod, I figure it's finally time to reveal the remaining skills that will be appearing in the next update.

Active Skill: Disguise (Demolition)

In v1.7, the Demolition class will be taking on an infiltrator's role with the Disguise skill. As the name implies, the ability will scramble the user's bio-signature to fool demons into thinking you're one of them! Enemies will be have erratically with the disguise active, with some failing to notice the user at all if they haven't been awoken, though some may still sense them. Awakened monsters will generally move away from the user, are less likely to attack, and when they do decide to attack, they aren't quite sure where to shoot.

Though, each time the Demolition takes damage, there is a 1/4 chance of the Disguise being disabled. Being discovered deep in enemy territory can be a costly mistake, so use with care!

The Disguise has a cooldown time of 90 seconds after activation.

Active Skill: Sentry Drone (Recon)

Discussed in the previous article, Recon's Sentry Drone is ready! This active skill allows for Recon to throw a beacon, which in turn summons the drone into combat. While more lightly armored than the Gunner's Sentry Turret, the Sentry Drone boasts a higher fire rate, and is able to traverse the area to hunt down enemy targets. Just make sure you don't accidentally drop the beacon down a crevice or something, or else the Drone won't have enough room to spawn in!

Also, be aware that the Sentry Drone has an internal timer of three minutes before it self destructs. Those eggheads in R&D really don't want these things falling into the wrong hands.

The Sentry Drone has a cooldown of two minutes between throwing beacons.

Active Skill: Reflex Time (Pointman)

Said to have the reflexes of a cat on steroids, true to his roots in FEAR, the Pointman is capable of using his enhanced reflexes to the point of slowing down the world around him! For ten brief seconds, enemies and projectiles move at half their normal speed. Use this short window to react to bullet hell situations, or to just put the same amount of lead in a target twice as fast!

Reflex Time has a cooldown time of 30 seconds after Pointman's reflexes run out.

Active Skill: Cloak (Marksman)

Marksman's cloak ability has been reworked into an active skill for v1.7. While largely the same as it was in previous versions, the Cloak now has a duration of 30 seconds, but still reveals your presence if you sprint around without crouching. There is good news, however, as the ability now only has a 1/4 chance of disabling when taking damage. Ideally, the Cloak is best used for sniping, but feel free to get creative with it!

Cloak has a cooldown time of 90 seconds after activation.

Active Skill: Ghost (Colonel)

What's better than an invisibility cloak? One that not only doesn't reveal your presence while you move, but also allows projectiles to fly straight through you as if you weren't even there! Colonel is able to access this Ghost state on the fly for 30 seconds, making encounters with Cyberdemons a breeze. But while projectiles don't cause direct damage, hitscans, melee attacks, and splash damage can still harm you, so don't get careless!

Ghost has a cooldown time of two minutes after activation.

Active Skill: Carapace Shield (Mercenary)

Tired of getting perforated by enemy fire while trying to reload that LMG of yours? The Carapace Shield aims to help with that, providing a hex shield in front of the user to block incoming fire. The shield will block projectiles and hitscans, but an unfortunate flaw in design allows for enemies to pass through for a melee strike.

Be wary when using the shield, however. The second you pull the trigger or throw a grenade, the shield will come down to allow your attack to come through, leaving you vulnerable to attack. On top of that, the shield only protects you from the front, so watch your back!

The Carapace Shield will remain active for 30 seconds, and has a cooldown time of 90 seconds before becoming available again for use.

Active Skill: Boost (Heavy)

As if the Heavy wasn't already a tough SOB with his HSW and increased health, he can now inject himself with a temporary steroid that allows him to sprint 30% faster and regenerate for ten seconds! Boosting is handy for making a quick escape out of a tough situation, only to come back stronger than before.

Boost has a cooldown of 60 seconds after activation.

Finishing Touches

While I continue to test Doomzone v1.7, it is likely I'll be making a few finishing touches to the abilities and HUD, so the finished product may have a few changes than what's shown above. I'm working my hardest to provide an improved experience, but I aim to release the update in the next couple weeks, delays not withstanding. I should have most of the issues worked out by then.

See you in a few weeks! (Hopefully.)

medve - - 1,475 comments

feels a bit random. i love the music and hud tho

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themarine141 - - 119 comments

I wish you could change the blood into a much better sprites

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