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A new update with Christmas variants of maps, new voice commands, model updates, bug fixes, and a new trailer!

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  • New: Additional Voice Chat Commands
  • Fix/New: Soundset specific voice command replacements will now be used if present (add flag_simpleSiegeSounds to soundset entry in modeldata.cfg to use base game naming scheme).
  • Fix: Some proofreading for loading screen tips.


  • New: Christmas DOTFv2 (mb2_xmas_dotf) Pics
    • The Christmas DOTF has been updated to the new map. Happy Holidays!
  • New: Christmas Mustafar (mb2_xmas_mustafar)
    • The Christmas Mustafar map is now available on the main build. Happy Holidays!
  • Fix: Battle Over Coruscant (mb2_boc)
    • Fixed several spots where you could glitch out of the map.
    • Fixed some elevator door paths being incorrect when called from level 2 to level 1.
    • Fixed balcony in objective area that could be used to glitch through the wall.
    • Added a pit at the bottom of the elevator shaft in the event someone intentionally glitches out of the elevators.
    • Minor shader optimization for Detailed Shaders option.
    • Added stingers similar to Lunarbase and DOTF.
  • Fix: Coruscant Chase (mb2_Coruscant_Chase)
    • Fixed several time wasting locations by moving outer walls inwards.
    • Fixed a few spots where you could glitch through walls
    • Added crusher flag to elevator to prevent it from being stopped.
    • Modified trigger for the outside elevator to landing pad so that you could not use it while standing on the exterior bracket.
  • Fix: Starkiller Base (mb2_starkiller_base)
    • Phasma on FA now has Rally.


  • Fix: Krennic cape LoDs should no longer conflict, texture updates.
  • Change/New: Replaced Kylo Ren's no hood skin with new TLJ skin, added new helmetless TLJ skin.
  • Change/New: Replaced Poe's helmetless pilot skin with new TLJ skin, updated textures and icon.
  • Change: Finn TLJ texture adjustments.
  • Fix: Phasma's holster position for T21.
  • Change/Fix: Weight adjustment on Rey's head/jaw, updated textures.
  • Change: Increased volume of Maul Mandalorian soundset.
  • New: Added FWMB-10 as cosmetic replacement for T-21 on First Order Stormtroopers.
  • Change: Reduced volume of custom sounds on 'Skywalker' hilt.

The trailer irritates me because it never plays out like any of that in the actual game. It's just people bunny hopping and throwing grenades at everything. :(

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Bunny hopping doesn't really work in MB. You'll get slower and slower after each jump, and for Jedi/Sith, you lose BP when you jump, so.

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Play FA.
Yeah I know, no one does. Except when they do, then it's cool. But it never happens. Except when it does.

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