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A new major(ish) update for Deliverance 2600 arrives.

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Another major(ish) update for Deliverance 2600 is now released - say hello to v1.3!

v1.3 adds two new cvars: one for skipping the autosave messages (which is ideal for potential speedruns), and another for replenishing the player's health at autosave points on D2600 God difficulty. The main map has also been slightly modified, mainly to clean up the automap view.

This will probably be the last update for Deliverance 2600, as I feel I've fixed everything that needed fixing since v1.0. Unless a new version of GZDoom breaks something in the mod, which has often been the reason for the minor updates in-between. And of course, bug reports are most welcome.

Anyway, enjoy.

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