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We've been pretty quiet about 0.14.0's development, but as the update nears readiness it's time to unveil some of the exciting changes in store!

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We're sure the suspense is unbearable, so let's just cut straight to the chase: update 0.14.0 is gonna be an absolute monster of an update! It'll also be heavily Word of Blake-themed. How? Just take a look at this snippet of the asset updates:

- New Assets
        - New Urbanmech InnerSphere light mech (35t); Ticket cost 0; tier 0
                - Only two variants: one with a nuclear warhead Arrow IV, the other with three HAG-30s
        - New Archangel InnerSphere assault Mech (100t); ticket cost 30; tier 30
        - New Rattler Mk II Anti-Aerospace Mobile Fortress; ticket cost 420; tier 69
                - Stationary asset, all turrets can be piloted by players

The Urbanmech has been in development since the Community Edition project kicked off, while the Rattler was an old project started under WSS that we took over! While we're not quite ready to show the other two assets, we can show the Archangel, starting with the concept art we tried following:

Furthermore, here's a bit of footage of that mech in action, fresh off our last alpha build:

A note about the Rattler: it will also double as a LAM factory (currently limited to Champion and Scorpion models)! Our testers had tons of fun using CryEngine's amazing physics engine to not only fly around in these mechs, but also play spontaneous combustion Transformers when they eventually landed! This feature isn't in yet, but we hope to have it in place by v0.14.1!

0.14.0 will also bring a slew of QoL improvements and adjustments, as outlined in the changelog snippet below:

------ BUG FIXES ------

- Fixed a bug where some players would have a fake tag [CJF] added to their mechwarrior names

------ GAME SYSTEMS -------

- Players with {12thVR} tags now have a 75% chance of crit on mech death
- Mechs equipped with pink camo do 15% more damage and take 15% less

Stay tuned for more news on v0.14.0 everyone - it'll be releasing very soon™ and we'll have even more to show!

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