"It is the 31st century. The invading Clans drive towards Terra as the feudal houses of the Inner Sphere collapse into civil war. Amidst the ensuing chaos, will you be a forgotten casualty...or a living legend?"

MechWarrior: Living Legends is 14v14 total war in the BattleTech universe. Stride the battlefield in a titanic BattleMech - or swarm enemy 'Mechs as armored infantry. Rule the streets as a tank commander, or pound the enemy with field guns and cruise missiles. Dominate the skies in fusion-powered aerospace fighters and nimble VTOL attackers.

Built on the Crysis engine, and featuring Battlefield's open maps and domination style gameplay. Matches escalate from skirmishes to ferocious armor battles and airstrikes. But you'll always start on even ground: there are no persistent unlocks or levels.

Total warfare in the legendary BattleTech universe. Standalone. Actively, passionately developed. Totally free.

Major Features:

  • Massive, highly detailed outdoor environments. Conquer battlefields ranging from scorching deserts to quiet farmlands to all sorts of alien worlds - even asteroids!
  • Epic multiplayer missions that thrust players into an ever-changing environment, forcing them to adapt their tactics and approach to conquer countless diverse battlefields.
  • Take control of numerous unique BattleMechs, tanks, hovercraft, aircraft (including VTOLs), each with at least six configurations! Both Clan and Inner Sphere also have their own Battle Armor.
  • Bring handheld weaponry to bear against your armored opponents - be it laser rifles or handheld Particle Projector Cannons.
  • Team-based strategic gameplay accented by combined-arms combat.
  • Countless faction-specific weapons - from Inner Sphere Long Tom Artillery to Clan Hyper Assault Gauss Rifles, and everything in between.
  • Various types of electronic warfare equipment, including ECM, Active Radar Probes, and radar data-sharing.
  • Unique strategic assets such as hangar-integrated repair bays, as well as different kinds of defensive systems.
  • Outdoor dynamic lighting allows for every battle to be fought during day or night, with accurate simulation of shadows, atmosphere, vegetation, and weather.
  • Powered by CryEngine 2™, with full DX10 support and scalable options to deliver solid performance on older machines. Bringing immense battlefields to life: complete with realistic physics, destructible vegetation, and dynamic lighting.
  • Online multiplayer action with up to 28 players on the PC.
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Update 0.13.1 is now live! With that, a huge thank you to everyone that took part in both developing and testing (and that was a lot of testing) everything that's gone into this update! In short order, we've managed to squeeze in a bunch of fixes, adjustments, and improvements into what was originally going to be a cleanup patch - so now it's more like a substantial quality of life update. While we started out with just a couple bugfixes and a few adjustments here and there, we happened to simultaneously figure out some ways to improve the UI (despite the lostech that is flash) and finish implementing a good handful of other changes. Let's do a quick overview of this update, shall we?

Major Fixes

Upon introducing that big change to how the weapon manager works in 0.13.0, we failed to notice that weapon groups wouldn't save unless you removed a weapon from a group first. It had actually always worked like that, and we only figured that out because we knew we'd never touched that part of the code before. This has now been fixed to save your group configs six seconds after you use the weapon manager in any way.Another big fix warranted by some of last update's changes is one for tank pilots getting insta-killed by high-speed collisions. To make it a little easier to understand, suppose someone (for whatever reason) crashes their ASF at max speed into a tank. That tank's pilot would get killed immediately, but the tank would be just fine. Like most hacky fixes in CryEngine, this fix should work, but there's a chance something weird might happen like the tank itself getting despawned or otherwise disappearing into the void.


Here's where we got a little carried away! Apart from the usual round of balance passes weapons and assets get with most bigger updates (and the fact that the Couger is now a bit less wide!), we've crammed in a few pretty significant changes.

Ancient Narc'd bug fixed: Some of you readers might recall that if you've been lit up with an enemy Narc beacon, you couldn't always know if you were actually Narc'd or not - sometimes there was an indicator in your HUD's bottom-center radar, and sometimes there wasn't. We've discovered that apparently this inconsistent behavior was tied to whether you were covered by allied C3 at the time of being Narc'd. Regardless of whether this was intended or not by the previous devs, in this update we've removed that check requirement, so now you'll always know when you've been Narc'd!

Max armor protection limit for all Mech variants: We've brought over the idea from Classic BattleTech's rules, but are only loosely following it. For those that like the little details, here's a table for maximum armor weights for each five-ton Mech weight increment:

20 tons - 4.5 armor tons
25 tons - 5.5 armor tons
30 tons - 6.5 armor tons
35 tons - 7.5 armor tons
40 tons - 8.5 armor tons
45 tons - 9.5 armor tons
50 tons - 10.5 armor tons
55 tons - 11.5 armor tons
60 tons - 12.5 armor tons
65 tons - 13 armor tons
70 tons - 13.5 armor tons
75 tons - 14.5 armor tons
80 tons - 15.5 armor tons
85 tons - 16.5 armor tons
90 tons - 17.5 armor tons
95 tons - 18.5 armor tons
100 tons - 19.5 armor tons

Turret upgrades: The Calliope turrets got meaner and scarier; they track targets faster, have beefed up weapons, and their missiles now actually track and damage targets. Spawncamping factories should be a bit more difficult now. The Eagle Eye and Hawk Eye turrets have also gotten a little buff, now mounting the latest versions of their respective weapons and thus being a little more deadly. Reminder that these are AA turrets, so airjocks beware!


Improved color coding: Now all information considered positive (e.g. weapon being ready, active friendly TAG/Narc) is displayed in blue and green, while anything considered negative information (e.g. alarms) is shown in yellow and red.

Crosshair changes: The crosshair received arguably the most changes of anything in this update, and because it involved Flash it was not easy at all. All its components have been moved closer to the center, and there's some new stuff going on as well! A heat indicator is now located to the right of the crosshair, while new lock brackets show up in the canon gold color. The crosshair itself also turns gold when over an enemy while in active radar mode.

Asset HUD updates: All asset HUDs feature a new Narc'd warning and have had the old friendly Narc/TAG indicators in the main console removed. The tank HUD now also features a breached engine warning, and the ASF/VTOL HUD has received a bunch of additional modifications: HUD elements have been moved closer to the center, the stall and "pull up" warnings have been resized for better readability, and the sea-level altitude indicator has been moved to just above the right radar display. The ASF HUD's speedometer now also shows the optimal control speed zone in blue.

New Mech HUD with Crosshair UpdatesNew Tank HUD with Engine Breach Alert
New VTOL/ASF HUD with Updated Crosshair and Info Display


New Narc'd alarm klaxon: Now that we've fixed the Narc'd bug, we've also added a somewhat subtle alarm sound that plays for the duration that you're Narc'd.

AC5 and AC10 sounds switched: Since the AC5 now fires larger caliber shells than the AC10, we've swapped around their firing sounds.

Missile launcher explosion missiles now have hit sfx: When a missile launcher explodes, you see a few missiles fly out drunkenly. Oddly enough, when those missiles hit something and explode themselves, there was never any sound for that. It's a little detail that probably got overlooked eons ago, but has now been addressed.


Several more maps got updated to support last version's new changeable time of day setting! This includes TC_Outskirts, TC_Dune, TC_Oasis, TC_Wildlands, and TC_ValleyForge. The latter two also got a new factory and beefed up main base defenses, respectively. Cool thing about maps like TC_Dune is that apparently the support for changeable ToD creates a dust storm effect throughout the map at certain times!

New Factory on TC_Wildlands with Altered ToD Settings

Updates 0.13.2 and 0.13.3

Having gotten reports of a few problems here and there, we've also released 0.13.2 and later 0.13.3 in response, hopefully making your games more enjoyable and stable than not!

Though it's only a small handful of updates, there's still a few things in 0.13.2 worth mentioning! In the way of bugfixes, the Donar's Prime and A variants have had their radar and undetectability issues fixed, and the Owens and Cougar had some floaty bits reattached. For content adjustments, apart from several variant changes, the loading screen tips have received a relevancy pass to be more in-line with the game's current state, and the Autojoin button in the team selection menu has been ripped out for the time being. We're not putting it back in until we figure out a better way to auto-assign players to teams - one that takes into account both a match's economic state (i.e. tickets) and team sizes, and perhaps other variables. Until then, we recommend you try to check the scoreboard first before deciding which team to join. Another notable change is the removal of all artillery-class assets from all factories on TC_Bogs, which means no more Long Tom shenanigans ruining your games on that map!

Lastly, the crosshair underwent another QoL-oriented update pass, given feedback since 0.13.1: the sights/reticle now shows a red outline when over an enemy, the lock brackets have been slimmed down substantially and redrawn, and the "LOCK" label now blinks rapidly. All this should make for better contrast and easier visibility.

crosshair changes

As for 0.13.3, we received reports that all Gauss Rifles' (all classes) reload sounds were playing at absurdly high volume levels on maps or areas of maps that had reverb set up. This could actually have been loud enough to cause actual ear damage - and nobody wants that - so we released a hotfix addressing this issue.

A short glimpse ahead

After all this hard work, the dev team will be taking a break, and we probably won't see any more game updates or plans until early next year. As you might recall from last article, we aim to work out a new flight model for the VTOLs and introduce the heavy VTOLs (Anhur and Karnov) with the next big content update. Details are still quite fuzzy at this time, but if you periodically check into our community Discord server you might catch some ramblings about the progress of stuff!

That's about it, folks! If you want to read through the full changelogs, you can find them at Wiki.mechlivinglegends.net for v0.13.1, at Wiki.mechlivinglegends.net for v0.13.2, and Wiki.mechlivinglegends.net for 0.13.3.

'Till next time!

EDIT: This article was updated on October 26th, 2020, in order to add info on v0.13.2

EDIT2: This article was updated on October 27th, 2020, in order to add info on v0.13.3

Update 0.13.0 Released!

Update 0.13.0 Released!


Update 0.13.0 is out and the new assault tanks are here! This update brings you the Mars and Behemoth tanks, new guns, C3 Master, autoflamer turrets...

Updates 0.12.0 and 0.12.1!

Updates 0.12.0 and 0.12.1!


Another huge update is here! 0.12.0 brings the long awaited Sunder and Kodiak assault mechs, a massively reworked resource structure, and numerous adjustments...

Fleshing Out the Mech Lineup!

Fleshing Out the Mech Lineup!

News 2 comments

A new update looms on the horizon, with fleshing out the mech lineup on its agenda!

10th Anniversary and Update 0.11.3!

10th Anniversary and Update 0.11.3!

News 8 comments

Happy (belated) new year everyone! It’s been a while but we're back with another update and are celebrating TEN years of modding, mech'ing (and tanking...

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MWLL Install - Installer.exe

MWLL Install - Installer.exe

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Installs MWLL 0.12.0 with Crysis Wars 1.5 and Sandbox Editor included. Requires Parts 1 through 4 in the same folder for install.

MWLL Install - Part 1 of 4

MWLL Install - Part 1 of 4

Full Version

Part 1 of 4 required for installing MWLL v0.12.0 and up

MWLL Install - Part 2 of 4

MWLL Install - Part 2 of 4

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Part 2 of 4 required for installing MWLL v0.12.0 and up

MWLL Install - Part 3 of 4

MWLL Install - Part 3 of 4

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Part 3 of 4 required for installing MWLL v0.12.0 and up

MWLL Install - Part 4 of 4

MWLL Install - Part 4 of 4

Full Version

Part 4 of 4 required for installing MWLL v0.12.0 and up Rename to MWLL-Installer-4.bin - the install will not work if you skip this step!

Patch Archive - 0.12.0 to 0.12.1

Patch Archive - 0.12.0 to 0.12.1


Having trouble downloading updates through the launcher? Downloading through mechlivinglegends.net going too slow? Grab these incremental archives instead...

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Want ancient broken multiplayer? This mod has that. Only that. We have your desync sticking you in the hanger till you reconnect 2-3-5 times or never, your rubberbanding aerospace and vtols, failure for hits on projectile weapons to register, slightly uneven terrain that stops you dead. All things that can not be fixed and have been stated as much by the devs. If you want to play an online only game that tries to be mechwarrior yet isn't and had all those flaws, this is the one for you. The only game where horribly balanced and implemented aero and vtol is considered a good unique thing because it provides combined arms. Nevermind to fly that aero good which really needs a controller you will have to rig up all kinds of custom stuff for the archaic control system that you have to exit the game to change in order to fly properly. No mousewheel for zoom or throttle control or anything of course. Then you have the vets that know how to exploit the ancient netcode who rubberband and loop around in fast moving aero in a difficult to hit way, because they are stuttering and teleporting around in circles.

There is a reason the player pool has been stagnant for years and the same players play every night week after week barely able to fill just one server up. Its not worth playing more than once.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

calm down dude... make some friends and play on LAN as we used to those days this game came out.
Be respectful of the good (and free) work of others

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It's still alpha version. Netcode is ancient because of Crysis Wars, not because MWLL devs made it like that on purpose. Try playing wired, not with Wi-Fi. I understand your pain, but please, try to understand also: this is developers pain too. Modding Crysis is unbelievably hard these days, if not impossible. If you are interested in details, please take look at Crysis Co-op mod. Its developers have done impossible, they re-implemented the AI system in multiplayer. But without Crytek's help and without engine source codes they had to do reverse-engineering and hacking a lot. If only Crytek would release its full sources for CryEngine 2, then it would be possible to do much more and fix a lot of annoying bugs, like the ones that you mentioned about multiplayer code. BTW Crytek refused to released CE2 sources when co-op devs asked for it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Same probs black screeen cursor only in dx10 only dx9 atm altho i played before on dx10, i did see the console for 1 sec ..pls fix this :( Anyone know a fix for this ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello when i play for some time the game desides just to exit all the way to the decstop.Can someone help me?Just started playing and I love the work you have put in the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MWEL Creator

Sorry about getting back to you so late, but you'd probably be able to pin down the issue better over in the tech support channel in the MWLL discord, at Discord.gg

Crashes to the desktop do tend to happen, but one step you can take to minimize the chances of it happening is by ensuring you are not using a game resolution higher than 1920x1080. CryEngine 2, being as old as it is, doesn't like to play nice with higher resolutions that more modern technologies can support. At least, not always.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

did you run it with Adman rights?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is this still alive? I thought the mod was dead since around 2011, when no proper Free SDK / Crysis 2 Mod SDK came out. Please, tell me the story of this mod over the past 10 years.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MWEL Creator

Yes, this mod is still alive and populated!
It started development sometime around 2008, and progressed a good deal until late 2012/early 2013. Around that time, development by Wandering Samurai Studios completely stopped (for more info on that, the following segment of this video gives a pretty nice explanation: Youtu.be), and the mod floundered for the next three years while its playerbase dwindled and GameSpy (the server lobby service) was shut down. However, in late 2016, development was restarted by the community, with permission given by MWLL's original founders. Since then, development has continued at a fairly steady pace, with lots of fixes and content implemented (and planned!).

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Yes, I remember Wandering Samurai had some troubles. Back then I felt sorry about another great CryEngine mod that perished.

But WOW, the community is great. Thank you guys for continuing it. It way seem that today Crytek doesn't care about Crysis mods at all. It's quite close to being true, however I've asked the official representatives, and they told me that "Crytek is willing to talk with any project, no matter which version of CryEngine is used". Contact Crytek representatives, which is easy, and they will promote your project on Crytek's official website. It is really important that more projects based on CryEngine versions will be showcased to CryEngine's community . It's also a good PR for this mod. You might even try to get a separate CryEngine 2 SDK for your project.

It would be great if you could join the Official CRYENGINE Discord Server to discuss this further if you wish. For marketing projects they require to accept marketing support from Crytek by registering your game on the Game Registration page and ticking the Marketing Support check-box.

Right now the majority thinks that basically all versions below CryEngine 5 are completely dead, it would be great to remind them that there's a lot of CE2 and CE3-based projects.

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MechWarrior: Living Legends is simply the greatest multiplayer mod ever created. From the fantastic level design, art direction, particle, graphics and sound effects, to the intricacies and balance of the weapons, equipment, mechs, vehicles, infantry, the relative faithfulness and respect for the franchise, this mod has it all. The sheer amount and quality of work done on this mod surely exceeds most commercial AAA offerings, but the MWLL team does it for free and we're not even out of beta yet…

Nov 18 2010 by blah238


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Come watch @BPLTEX #stream some matches! Youtube.com #mechwarrior #battletech

Nov 21 2020

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