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We have a small patch for you to fix some exploits that have become popular as of late.

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Some of our community members hosting servers have complained of a few exploits that seem to have become popular of late. As such, we're releasing V0.0.3 as an optional serverside patch primarily intended to address these exploits. You do not need to download this file to play the game, but only if you wish to host a server. There are no gameplay changes in this patch.

This is an incremental patch. You must have the full version of MovieBattlesII V0.0.2 installed before applying. Installation instruction are contained inside the linked zip file.


  • Certain exploits that could be used to create a denial of service attack on various server functions have been patched.
  • An exploit that would allow players to appear with no ip has been fixed.
  • Temporary bans now ban all players on a banned ip, not just those with a matching port.
  • Enabling the sv_allowDownload cvar will now only allow the download of pk3 files.
  • A requested change: new cvar "g_explicitLog" has been introduced as a bit field to modify the server log behaviour.
    Settings are:
    • g_logExplicit & 1 -> The log file will prepend player say commands with the client number of the player.
    • g_logExplicit & 2 -> The logged text of a player's say command will be enclosed in quotation marks.


  • Clients will still see the server version as v0.0.1 when viewing the server info, but the server console will correctly display v0.0.3 upon startup.
  • If you've tested this patch for us previously, make sure all files related to that test are removed or overwritten by this install.
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