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The latest version of The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered can be acquired for RealRTCW via its Workshop on Steam. Also available on Mod DB.

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As most of you know, RealRTCW has finally been released on Steam. And it has its own Workshop there where you can download some of the best Return To Castle Wolfenstein mods. It's truly an honor to see The Dark Army: Uprising among them. Cause yes, the latest version of The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered (1.25) can be acquired for RealRTCW via its Workshop on Steam. And this new version is also available on Mod DB. Woohoo! πŸ’–

Ready to defy darkness? Deathshead is back to unleash the power of the philosopher's stone through his new super soldiers - will B.J. Blazkowicz survive? πŸ”₯

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered is an enhanced version of the famous Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod The Dark Army: Uprising, the first part of an unofficial yet solid continuation to the classic games of the Wolfenstein series. The Dark Army as a whole is aiming to bridge the gap with the latest Wolfenstein games, which are set in an alternate timeline – hence the story of this mod taking place between the events of Wolfenstein (2009) and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, made by different studios.

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered

πŸ’€ Many new “huge” levels, great replayability

Prepare yourself to dive into the unknown, as you sneak beyond enemy lines within various huge and mysterious environments, which will keep you busy for a few hours, and many more if you want to explore each campaign, mode, etc…

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered

πŸ’€ Solid scenario, deep storytelling, movie-like cutscenes…

As a continuation to the legendary Wolfenstein classics, the scenario represents one of the most important aspects of the mod. Dive into a story that’s been thought and written by a fan, for fans. Entertainment is a key factor in this mod. Prepare for a few twists and turns as you progress in your mission, through cutscenes, radio contacts, intel…

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered

πŸ’€ Three campaigns

There are three campaign variants in this mod – the Day, Night and Dark campaigns. Elements like the weather, the lighting, the ambience, the enemies, their weapons, the items scattered around the maps, B.J.'s outfit... differ from one campaign to another. The most striking difference probably lies within what kind of weaponry you'll find, as each campaign has exclusive weapons. While both of the Day and Night campaigns represent the classic formula, you may also try the Dark campaign, a radically different experience. This campaign is literally filled with undead enemies, while the environment is engulfed in a bloody red fog, which grows thicker and thicker as the player progresses through the game.

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered

πŸ’€ New Game+

When you successfully complete a campaign, you’re automatically sent into a different one, and most of all you’ll preserve your previously acquired equipment and weaponry.

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered

πŸ’€ Dark Realm

The ultimate challenge. Travel into an otherworldly area, and survive...

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered

πŸ’€ Dynamic, modern interface

From the menus to the HUD, a lot of work went into the player’s interactive environment. Visually ergonomic, the new interface was crafted especially for Wolfenstein players.

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered

πŸ’€ Numerous Easter-eggs & secrets

Throughout the maps, many secrets are scattered. It’s up to you to find ‘em all.

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered

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