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Hello hi. This mod ain't dead basically. So, yeah. There is some footage and screenshots in this article though.

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Hello. There was no updates here for "1 year" according to Moddb. So I finally sat down and made one.

I don't post updates here frequently because I find using Moddb to be finnicky and clunky sometimes. I usually post little updates over on playtesting server (link can be found in the previous article if you're interested).

Most stuff shown in this article can change later down the line.

I've been finishing up two new maps, which you can see below:

Now, "I've been finishing up two new maps" might sound scary to some people and IT GOD DAMN SHOULD.

Maps take a while to make. These two in particular took a long time. First one was started on 18th of January, second one was started on 13th of May. Of course, I don't work on this mod full-time, I work on it when I feel like it, so that (and some gamebos) contributed to long development.

What also contributed to long development is the fact that I was hit by COVID-19 this September. Recovery was quick, but I was unable to work on the mod during that time. I promised to release new maps to test over on playtesting server that day and had to delay it because of covid.

Enough about the maps, here is some footage and extra stuff.

First is the NEW main menu:

And here is the OLD (and stinky) main menu:

(I don't have a image with buttons included so just imagine them extra small please)

But wait, there's more!! Funny green man on the menu sometimes does idle animations (crazy!!):

There's also work on improving weapon animations. Here's the evolution of OICW's animations:

And some Ingram animations:

And whoa even funny manwich got some redone animations too??? (It's more likely than you thnk):

Like I said, improving weapon animations is still a on-going process. Not every single weapon is gonna get reanimated though, only if I really don't like their anims and feel like I could improve them. And sorry to dump all this FOOTAGE on you but that's the only way I can showcase these.

You may think that I was done with showing maps... but you were WRONG. Mod now has a proper intro cinematic (can be skipped don't worry), but I won't show footage of it this time. Here's a screeenshot instead:

And also here's this place and I won't give context:

I think that's about it for now. Thanks for being patient with me (especially huge thanks to playtesters).

Fun fact: Mod originally started development on 7th of January 2021. It's gonna turn 2 years old soon!! (holy shit!!!!!!)

maxkatzurmaxim - - 274 comments

Is that cinematic pre-rendered or in-engine?

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seels Author
seels - - 21 comments


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soundboard - - 3 comments

this will be one of the mods ever

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ManChrzan - - 147 comments

Oh my god, one of my favorite HL2 mods will have a sequel?! What a good day to be alive :D

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Guest - - 688,941 comments

When it going to come out

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seels Author
seels - - 21 comments

I dunno, I don't wanna give any dates yet. I'm still working on Build 3 and I'm planning to release 5 builds to playtesters before releasing the mod to public. I have a very slow pace at making things, I prefer to have fun with them and not force myself to push on - this sort of development has it's upsides and downsides, one of the downsides is this slow pace.

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