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The Spectre map is based off the Goldeneye 64 game, or James Bond movies as a whole. This is my first map so there might be some fails in it.

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Recently I've started working on my custom wad for Doom 2, and it has come pretty far by now, so

I want to share some pics of upcoming update

P.S. I know nobody cares about my wad and yada yada yada, but still I want to share some information,

since I do need some criticism on my maps so I could improve myself

Here are some screenshots

The Port:

Screenshot Doom 20161102 195627

Screenshot Doom 20161103 202500

Screenshot Doom 20161103 202523

Screenshot Doom 20161103 202547

The Mansion:

Screenshot Doom 20161103 202616

Screenshot Doom 20161103 202644

Screenshot Doom 20161103 145110

Screenshot Doom 20161103 202714

Screenshot Doom 20161103 202719

The Egypt Temple:

Screenshot Doom 20161103 202747

Screenshot Doom 20161103 202755

Screenshot Doom 20161103 194516

Screenshot Doom 20161103 180738

Screenshot Doom 20161103 180708

Note: Do NOT consider this a final product, it is unfinished and still in development, so expect things to change


>>Do NOT consider this a final product, it is unfinished and still in development, so expect things to change

Well, that means we can't say anything because your argument is "It's still not finished everything will be changed".

Anyway, 2 moments:
1) Is it necessary to make this map for Vanilla Doom 2 format?
2) Your screenshots mostly shows lack of decoration items and I can't say that this is due to "working beta" stage.

Sorry for bad eng.

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olzhas1one Author

2)As I already said, I'm beginner in Doom wad building, and so
the lack of decoration should be expected (I only recently have
started working on it, about 5 weeks ago)
1)I will try to make it for other doom source ports other than ZDoom, I'm just learning and ZDoom is pretty easy to work with.
Anyways thanks for pointing the lack of decoration out, I will take notice.
Plus, there are other maps I haven't showed in this article because they are pretty much finished

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Convert your map (the whole wad) to the "Doom 2 in UDMF" format via "wad2hexen" and "wad2udmf" and try to do things with GZDoom Builder. It will made your work much easier than before.

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olzhas1one Author

Thanks for advice but I'd rather stick with ZDoom for now,
because I want to finish this map first

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Your english is not bad lol

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Ow, thank you ._.

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