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This is an update about the new NATO vehicles and tanks.

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Thank you to everyone once again voting for this mod in MOTY. As you reward, I've decided to release an early update blog, this time all about HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMvee or HMMWV for a sane/sober person, featuring the Humvee, Avenger and Ambulance.

First of those, the classic Humvee. Not so many big changes except the fact that I made HMG and TOW launcher mutually exclusive meaning that the old boring meta is now dead. Why would you make such a controversial change though, you might ask. Because I can.

Now talking about the Avenger, you may be asking: "why diD You TAkE aWAY thOse CoOl Aa laSERs And POInT dEfensEs" to which I answer, well, lasers should be exclusive to laser general. You know, like other laser stuff like Laser Crusader, Laser Paladin, Laser Ranger, Laser Comanche, Laser Ambulance, etc. So irl Avenger should be the standard model that most NATO generals utilise.

Does that mean that the Avenger sucks now??? Quite the opposite, actually. This Avenger can engage both ground and air targets with HMG and missiles. Lots and lots of missile.

They might down very quickly and uncharacteristically to AT munitions but why worry about that when you can destroy the enemy before they can even fire.
Anyway, you can cope about it because this decision is final.

Ambulance is, well, Ambulance. Now cooler with animations and deployed wide healing aura. The medicine sprayer is taken out though because in America there's no demand for healthcare. Everyone knows you just need a empty hospital with no personels with wide AoE and people would just automatically heal over time.

NATO M1151 'Humvee' Light Protected Vehicle is NATO most iconic and ubiquitous fast attack vehicle. They can be founded literally in all corners of the globe including non-NATO territories People's Republic of China, the Middle East, Africa, Bahrain, etc.

First deployed in Operation Just Cause for peacekeeping operations, it has since then becomes NATO's reliable and effective means of troops mobilisation.

Capable of performing various roles such as mass transportation, reconnaissance, raiding operations or hit & run anti-tank missions, it's considered by many observers to perform better than its Chinese counterpart, the CSK-131.

Armaments: M2 'Ma Deuce' 12.7mm air-defense machine gun or (upgradable) BGM-71D 'TOW' 152mm anti-tank missile launcher.

NATO AN/TWQ-1 'Avenger' Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun is NATO's fast attack anti-aircraft system. It can engage both ground and air targets though not both at the same time.

Despite having only one HMG unlike many SPAAG with auto cannons or gatling cannons, it's equipped with more than 8 FIM-92 'Stinger' anti-air missile launchers making it a force to be reckoned with.

Armaments: 8x FIM-92 'Stinger' anti-air missile launchers and M2 'Ma Deuce' 12.7mm air-defense heavy machine gun.

NATO M1151 'Medic Humvee' Tactical Ambulance is where NATO troops go when they're injured, in need of combat stimulants or just wanna take a nap to avoid irl duties.

The Medic Humvee provides Tactical Healing which is different from normal Healing because it's Tactical.
Also capable of mass transportation and light reconnaissance, players still have a reason to actually build them.

Despite having the red cross symbol plastered over its soft top, it's still not invulnerable to artillery or weapons of mass destruction.

Please build the Medic Humvee, I swear it's still useful.

Oh right, it's almost new year. Happy new year and see you all next year I guess, bye.

Ronnin2011 - - 38 comments

First? Hello? Yaas! Another hilariously written and not at all obnoxious article! xDDD

Great post-Christmas, pre-new year update! Beautiful models with upgraded significance of their respective units! Hot stuff as usual! <3

Wishes for a blessed year to all!!

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VectorIV Author
VectorIV - - 3,183 comments

Many thanks! Glad you liked it :)

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Strogglet15 - - 1,337 comments

Hot damn, that new "Avenger" there, I will be missing the lasers but the fact it can now finally engage even ground units ought to make it useful, it looks so badass with those dual 4-rocket pods.

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VectorIV Author
VectorIV - - 3,183 comments

It's just a temporary departure so eventually it'll be redesigned and added back with Laser General.

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gallon6341 - - 3 comments

Thank you so much I love it

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Guest - - 692,287 comments

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Spoons_and_Utensils - - 11 comments

FINALLY, a hopefully useful Ambulance

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GDI_Amiya - - 206 comments

This new Avenger is great. You can use machine guns to deal with the ground, and use traditional stingers to deal with air units. Finally, you won’t be blown up by a few infantry with rifles because you can’t attack on the ground.

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SaeedNM - - 6 comments

How can i find last update file of claws of the eagle 3

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