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This is an update about the new PLA vehicles and tanks.

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We've now reached the conclusion of the first batch of PLA's vehicles and tanks update.

This updates features all new units never seen before in ZHE's history, wow! (not that there's much to surpass in terms of variety.)

With the introduction of CSK-131 and ZBD-04A, the PLA now have more options in early raiding or map control whereas it only had the unarmed Troop Crawler. In addition to that, the debut of ZTZ-96B MBT would greatly aid the PLA in fight against NATO's once dominant Abrams MBT without having to mass produce the late game Overlord Super-heavy Tank or Tank Hunter squad.

The tide of war is about to change.

PLA CSK-131 'Warrior' Light Protected Vehicle is the PLAGF's most trusted fast attack vehicle, capable of performing various roles such as mass transportation, reconnaissance or raiding operations. Originally derived from Humvee, it's now exclusively designed by China and only serves China for the good of China.

Armaments: QJC-88 12.7mm air-defense heavy machine gun

PLA ZTZ-96B 'Tigress' Main Battle Tank is the final evolution of the PLAGF's series of 2nd generation tanks. Contrary to its former self, the ZTZ-88, it packs a punch with 125mm smoothbore gun while sacrificing its mass production trait. Despite that, the PLA can still produce them in a rather huge number thanks to the worker's revolution.

It has become so feared by its adversaries that the experts have coined the term 'tigressphobia' for this phenomenon. I know what's you're thinking, isn't this just a feminised version of 'tigerphobia'? The experts said no, this is a totally unique phenomenon that hasn't happened before and any correlation to that is just pure coincidence and you're just plainly wrong.

Mounting the ZTZ-96B with an optional QJC-88 HMG gunner increases its effectiveness against enemy infantry, vehicle, attack helicopter and low-flying aircraft while also increasing the line of sight.

Doesn't come equipped with pre-installed smoke grenade dischargers but they can become available via a local upgrade. Despite that fact, ZTZ-96B can still use its engine as a smoke screen generator to create a small smoke screen surrounding it in case of emergency.

It's also able to be equipped with upgradable armour skirt to further increase its endurance.

Armaments: ZPT-98 125mm smoothbore gun (with upgradable GP125 125mm anti-tank guided missile), Type-86 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and (upgradable) pintle-mounted QJC-88 12.7mm air-defense machine gun.

PLA ZBD-04A 'Macaque' Infantry Fighting Vehicle is the bane of enemy infantry and light vehicles in every frontline. Being equipped with more than three anti-personal weapons, it has outperformed its aging rival, M2 'Bradley', when it comes to soft target fatality.

Like the CSK-131, it can also transport troops to the frontline in mass with utmost speed.

It can also perform light anti-tank operations but lacks the required impact to take out enemy tanks completely in which its rival fairs far better in.

In case of emergency, the ZBD-04A can use the equipped smoke grenade dischargers to cover its timely retreat or to support friendly troops in advancing into enemy position.

Armaments: 2A70 100mm rifled gun (with upgradable 3UBK10 100mm anti-tank guided missile), ZPT-99 30mm automatic cannon and Type-86 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

What does this mean for the ZTZ-88A from the first update in this series, you asked, now that gun-launched missile is a thing. The ZTZ-88A has gotten a minor rework as well visually speaking to better match its irl counterpart and it has also gained an upgradable GP105 105mm anti-tank guided missile as same ZTZ-96B and ZBD-04A.

And that is all for this update. We're currently about 4 update series away from content creation completion then it's probably very near to a release. Until next time when I'm back from break because I sure could use one.

ICHKERIAN - - 10 comments

Cant wait!!!!

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Spoons_and_Utensils - - 11 comments

Great work as always my dude! Excited for the release! Question though, will the other generals have the same kind of reworks and new units as well or will these be only available for the vanilla generals only?

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VectorIV Author
VectorIV - - 3,171 comments

These are basically the ground work for the main faction. Future sub factions will divert from this based on their respective specialisation.

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GEN.ZOOL - - 946 comments

No taster available for us, even if it's just a broken release, it would be nice to play a different MOD on Generals Zero Hour for once.
Kind of getting a little bored of playing the Generals Continue MOD, LOL.

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GDI_Amiya - - 167 comments

Ah, I'm very satisfied with the model of 96B main battle tank. I haven't seen this tank for a long time. However, there is a small question: will China have the third generation 99 tank since the 88th and 96th, especially the impressive laser transmitter it carries. I think this will provide China with more flexible steel monsters in the late game

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