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So, you guys deserve some updated monsters. Here you go!

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Just uploaded an update for Fever Dream's monsters.

It sure has been a while. It was high time, with all the attention and LP's of HRAFD and Parasomnia to make some much-needed updates. Something quick, something easy.


Draylon Polk remodeled the Hell Legionnaire and re-modeled the Teddyman.

Netoxy re-did the Child of Hell and the Behemoth.

Zikshadow rigged the Teddyman and Hell Legionnaire.


I did the textures for the Teddyman and edited the Textures for the Legionnaire. I also did the concept art for these updates.

Actually found some time, and my flaky self just can't seem to stay away from Half-Rats no matter how many times I tell you and everyone else I'm done. Who knows what could happen in the future?



HRAFD New Models addon - Half-Rats: A Fever Dream mod for Half-Life - Mod DB

Never forget about the pig...


This guy always reminded me of Ted Cruz. Well, anyway, that's it for Half-Rats' corner. See ya!

Metaltooth - - 2,664 comments

Is there gonna be more in the future? Like getting Half Rats 2 to work on Xash?

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Half-Rats Author
Half-Rats - - 1,328 comments

Not sure about that one. If it was going to be done, someone would have done it by now. We MAY be fixing some mistakes we made. A LOT of mistakes we made, though.

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,496 comments

Damn, these things rule! Nice to see Half-Rats is still somewhat in one shape or another!

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NoTargeter - - 1 comments

will Ague return in following years?

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Half-Rats Author
Half-Rats - - 1,328 comments

Nope. But I may be adding a track or two; with one made specifically for Parasomnia by my new project.

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D-Wanderer - - 136 comments

I appreciate the mods still getting love, even after you've said you're pretty much done with them for good.

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Half-Rats Author
Half-Rats - - 1,328 comments

Well, I'm a house-dad now, and quarantined from Covid, so I thought, what the hell, might as well get some of this old content out, and finally overhaul all the blaring issues with Parasomnia. Let's hope I survive!

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Foxtrop - - 1,007 comments

Nice work on those models!

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Half-Rats Author
Half-Rats - - 1,328 comments

I can't take too much credit! haha.

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