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Okay so many of you have been wondering if I am still working on this. Well, I am. Some may notice that I went a head and removed a bunch of the images. Those are past images and most of that is going to be getting a rework any way. The addition of the Militia has been halted and they have been changed to the PMC or Private Military Corporation. Images for some of their units will be coming soon.

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As I stated in the summary, the militia is being phased out to make way for the PMC. The PMC are quite a bit more advanced, but I felt like the GLA didn't need anymore competition from a faction that doesn't require power or relied on hit and run tactics. Instead the US will now have a challenge of their own in the form of a more advanced faction including hover units and drone based units. While the US drones are slaved to their master vehicles the PMC doesn't require such things ranging from the Ares artillery to actual strike drones for you to use. From this point forward you will be getting new content in the form of renders of the new units and structures for the PMC as well as updated content for the existing factions.

Units currently being worked on:

Sand King

Scud Truck

Demo General Bomb Truck

Super Weapon General Paladin (replaces the M1A1 and AS-90)

Bradley Remodel

To see more content as it's released join us on the NLS discord server.

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Like Contra 009, the Project Raptor changes everything.

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