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The new release of my mod, Version .0.2.

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Update V.0.2

  • Gave V19 Torrents and Vulture Droids fighter to fighter missiles and also the hunt ability


(That picture is outdated and doesn't show the Hunt ability)

V19 Missiles

  • Munificent Frigates now have the self destruct ability, Acclamator Assault Ships now have the Fire All Batteries ability, Recrusant Frigates now have the Boost Shields ability, Bulwark Battlecruisers now have the all power to weapon ability

Self Destruct

Boost Shields

Acclamator Fire

  • The CIS economy now fluctuates and you can buy Lucrehulk Tradeship to add income



(Please note the Tradeships add a base income of 1000 credits each and a percent of that 1000, plus any other income on the planet its over, will fluctuate)

  • Darker color scheme


  • Planets now detail their abilities (Not all planets yet)



  • AATs now have different textures depending on the planet (More on the way)


  • Minor Heros

Yularen 1

  • Starting Galactic garrison forces reduced
  • Structure garrison increased
  • Yag Dul only allows vehicles on the surface
  • B1 Battledroid are now tech 2
  • BX Commando droids are now tech 3
  • Crab Droids are now tech 2
  • Techno Union Frigate is now tech 2
  • Sabre Tanks are now tech 2
  • Multi-Troop-Transports are now tech 1

There are some problems that I have noticed but was unable to fix and plan to fix in the new update

  • Tech level gets reset at random times
  • When playing as the Republic the CIS will jump tech levels randomly

The things I did not get to in this update

  • Random campaign events + General story to follow
  • Make the FOJ campaign playable
  • Making maps that focus on tactical invasions/defense

The Fall Of the Jedi campaign has been something that I will not release until I get it right.



Interesting changes, i will test it and see what works, can i ask do what kind of
data ai (either the base game, raw's or aotr's ai) would work best?

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RayRodry Author

I have no clue, as far as I know RAW didn't change anything to the Ai and I tried ingratiating the ACM Ai, (Since his ai builds to the max on each planet) But with limited success

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I see, well I am using base game's ai and it seems to be working, but I haven't got stacked but by them yet by they work in the defensive positions.
Also with the CIS the unit list for the top bar is so big it takes the HMP of so I would suggest moving the hmp to the bottom row.

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RayRodry Author

You edited the campaign files?

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No i dont know how too, its just up there

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Interested in trying this mod, downloading it right now. If I find any bugs/glitches how can I contact you to let you know of them?

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RayRodry Author

Send me a message on Moddb or Steam

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"Starting Galactic garrison forces reduced / Structure garrison increased"

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Aclamators are useful now...
the first 4 hours of the campaign wont be utter hell now.

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