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An update on the current state of this mod as of august 2022.

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So back in march, I estimated that this mod would be ready for release by august. Well, it's august, and I'll be perfectly honest. This mod is still far from finished, but make no mistake, a lot of progress has been made since march. The main reason development is taking so long is that I've run into many different technical problems. Which kind of a given seeing as this is the Goldsource engine we're talking about here. But rest assured, work is still being done on this mod, and I'm planning on releasing a short playable demo before 2023.

As for the number of chapters, I've had to cut some out and rearrange some for the sake of not making this project take even longer. But at the moment, I have 8 chapters planned and expect the final experience to be at least 2 hours long. We'll see.

Aynekko - - 667 comments

Take your time and do your best! :)

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DarkShift - - 188 comments

Bro, it's been 25 years GoldSrc modders run into technical problems and delays, from USS Darkstar to HL Field Intensity, so don't worry, we know exactly how it is XD

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SpazJR61 - - 411 comments

Virtually every single modder

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PRinceBhai - - 501 comments

Progress is Progress mate, take your time.

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rautamiekka - - 65 comments

If you used Sven Co-op as the base (and for coop support !), a lotta the problems would be fixed or at least lessened.

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bekawe - - 4 comments

we are very grateful for all half life mods and have patience :)

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