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The only thing not included in this update is a Geiger Counter. Probably the most important thing.

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Has it been two weeks already? Let's get the show on the road then.

USA Superweapon:

  • Renamed to USA Super Train General.
  • Advanced Training.
  • Turns Missile Defender missiles and Robot Tank shells into tiny trains. +50% damage.
  • New train variants for Mecha Burtons Giga Train Cannon. One of them is a train with a rocket.
  • Omega Aurora gets a new weapon on veterancy levels. It only changes the explosion color. How pretty.
  • Vet 0 is Blue. Vet 1 and 2 are Pink. Vet 3 is Red.
  • Experience needed to rank up your Omega Aurora increased by a million percent. (a lot)

USA Armor:

  • Ranger voice replaced with GI voice. No taunt :(

China Nuke:

  • Mega Nuclear Missile.
  • Covers about 90% of an AI base.
  • 7:00 timer.
  • Large nuclear silo.
  • Red Exhaust so you know it's mega.
  • I have not tested Nuke Challenge with this change. It might actually be impossible.
  • Buildable nuke bunker.
  • Why so much radiation.
  • Has a couple Research Plant upgrades so you can upgrade faster.
  • Builds some nuke vehicles like Devastators and Nuke Cannons.
  • Buildable nuke convoy truck. It is very weak.

China Tank:

  • Added the Emperor Tank in place of the Chain Guns upgrade.
  • Chain Guns upgrade moved to Industrial Plant.
  • Emperor Tank voice replaced with more Red Alert 2 shenanigans.
  • Forgot to mention this.

China Special Weapons:

  • Grinder Cannon is now a tank destroyer thing. Very awkward and slow.
  • It's basically a direct fire artillery.
  • Deals more damage per shot than the Basilisk, with more range. But has a longer reload and no armor.
  • Flying Submarine voice replaced with a new Submarine voice. He's good under pressure.
  • Spec Ops upgrade applies to Pyro's now.
  • Spec Ops upgrade condensed into a faction upgrade from the Weapons Research Propaganda thing. I forgot what it's called.

GLA Demo:

  • Flak Troopers leave behind Demo Traps now.
  • Fortifications improved to "Reinforced Concrete"
  • Adds improved explosion resistance to all buildings.
  • Demo units start with unique armor. Takes less damage from explosions. Doesn't really effect infantry due to their low health.
  • A full health Mantis can now survive the Advanced and normal Demo Trap detonations.
  • Chain reactions somewhat reduced. Results may vary.


  • Renamed the Sentry Drone Machine Gun upgrade to something more appropriate.

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