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Update #9 for Hotel Magnate, lots of small but necessary changes. More furniture and more floors!

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It has been a while since our last update, a lot is happening and it can be hard to take the time to write these posts, especially when it digs into development time. Much has been worked on since then, below is a rough list of a few of the changes that have been made.


  • Basic Cash System - Added a basic cash system that handles the players cash
  • Pre-Alpha Game Trailer - Recorded and edited the first trailer, available below
  • Improvements to Saving System - Fixed more issues related to saving furniture
  • Fixed Wall Merging & Furniture Placement Bugs - Fixed a very long lasting bug where some walls were not merging, enabled free form furniture placement and windows/doors now snap correctly to walls
  • AI Pathfinding Improvements - Changes in how the AI picks its path, it is much more natural and realistic
  • Build up to 8 Floors - Allowed the player to build up to 8 levels now, drastically increasing the size of hotels you can build
  • Added More Furniture Items - Added in Poker Tables, Slot machines, and Tennis Courts (Thanks to Brandon), with more to come!
  • AI Rework - Continuing development and changes
  • UI Improvements - Added new icons, can now sort furniture items by categories and by searching

Slowly but surely, most of these changes are being implemented. Bringing us closer to a playable version. The player can now build up to 8 floors high, the cash system now provides a basic framework to begin adding in other game systems and the AI is progressing.

Hotel Magnate

Many more bugs have been fixed, with the most important being the wall merging bug which has been a problem for a while now. We have also been experimenting with free-form furniture placement, this is where furniture can be placed anywhere and doesn't snap to the grid. This should give the player a lot more freedom in how they design their hotel.

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