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this article contains information about the progress of the Clone Wars Sub-Mod. the article will go more in depth.

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Hello Fans, Delta289 here with another update on The Clone Wars Sub-Mod.
A lot of work has been done on the Sub-Mod over these past few weeks and It's starting to take shape. Our modelers, skinners, and coders have been working diligently to bring the action- packed combat of the Star Wars: Clone Wars micro series to life before your very eyes and although productivity has slowed down a bit, progress is still continuing at a steady pace.
At the moment, our coders are adding/ removing planets, heroes, models, and skins to replicate the atmosphere of the micro series and bring that sense of nostalgia to the player. Seeing that the sub-mod is using the main Clone Wars mod as a base, most of the coding work has been editing what has already been put in the mod. Although there has been problems along the way with things like removing heroes and making sure those removed heroes don't show up being used by the AI, they have been or are in the process of being, fixed. One might think that their wouldn't be much to edit, seeing that both mods are based on similar TV shows, however, this is not the case. There are actually major differences between the two shows that effect what needs to be done in the sub mod. For example: in the main Clone Wars mod, we've edited the grouping of soldiers so that the player can select individual clone troopers and move them around the battlefield but battles in the micro series were much larger then the ones in the current series so, to accommodate this we've enlarged the grouping size in the sub mod to allow more units on the battlefield.
While our coders are piecing the mod together, our modelers and skinners are constructing micro series style models, skins, and icons for the mod. One of our teammates, The_Darker_Side, has provided us with awesome micro series style icons for heroes and units. Meanwhile, our resident modeler, MandoBardanJusik, is creating awesome models to be used in the mod.
Overall Progress:
Icons: 57% complete
- Bariss Offee
- Dooku
- Durge
- Luminara
- Obi-Wan
- Grievous
- Clone Troopers
- Mace Windu
- Yoda

Still Waiting For:
- Anakin
- Battle Droids

Maps: 99%

Thank you for reading, another update will be posted towards the end of September.


bigden27 - - 89 comments

i think u forgot to put a space between each of the characters here
OffeeDookuDurgeLuminara on the fifth last line
no biggy keep up the great work.

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Commissar_Delta Author
Commissar_Delta - - 5,829 comments

oh lol. i originally wrote the article in WORD and just copyied and pasted to moddb. theyre originally supposed to be listed downward

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