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Update Post #8, Basic AI and Game Systems. This update post touches on the progress with the implementation of the AI into Hotel Magnate

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There has been many changes since our last update post, been working on fixing bugs related to the building and furniture system while integrating the Guest AI and game systems like cash. Below is a more complete and comprehensive list of the progress in the last month.


  • Individual Bathroom En-suites - replaced how bathrooms are placed with en-suites which are there own object and can be placed much quicker, It simplifies the building game play quite a lot while being more aesthetically appealing
  • Guest AI - Finalised at-least for now how AI is handled and controlled, using behavior tree's and what is known as utility theory. Which helps select the highest priority task from a list
  • Rooms - Alongside the AI, we have also finalised for now what rooms can be built and what they are capable of
  • Game Systems - Began implementing core systems like the cash and guest spawning systems
  • Saving System - needs to be properly re-implemented, updates to the asset have made some parts obsolete
  • Bug Fixes - Solved a lot of bug issues around furniture placement and building in relation to the AI system

Most of the progress in the last month has been made with the AI, mostly with getting other systems like furniture placement and the room management to work properly. Its only in the last couple days have i been able to actually properly achieve a working guest AI. Where they will check in and travel between the various rooms depending on their current needs, I just haven't implemented any specific animations like sleeping or drinking yet.

To begin implementing the core game systems and guest AI, i had to finalise a few game design decisions. For example the inclusion of bathrooms prefabs or en-suites for the player to build and a final list of what rooms can be built. The en-suites replace the player having to build each individual bathroom for each room, which really didn't allow for much customisation anyway and was very tedious.

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