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Showing the finished forest level! So many new things to show! New buggy, new lightmaps, new areas on map, enemies, great graphics, and much more!

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In this update I demonstrate the completed forest level. Took me a lot of time to finish it! Using a lot of new shaders, improved performance, added enemies to the level. Also included a new model of a buggy. Re lightmapped the whole level + using real time shadows. Overall great performance at 1080p resolution.


looks great! Cant wait for the demo

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great video, and many great improvements you did make.
did notice one small detail that needs to be fixed. at 5:45 minutes you see a few rocks, one of them is not completely under the ground, so you see the from under in to the rock model. Not biggy but i thought i mention it because as a mapper myself i know you can overlook there things very easey because you have played/seen this map part of course already at least 900 times or so and then as a mapper you simply get blind for such small errors.

great work!!!
check always all you new updates!


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