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Greetings, Witches! Since the last tech demo we've been hard at work implementing a lot of changes based on the feedback we got. And so, time has come for our Tech Demo V.0.2 to be announced and discussed.

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Greetings, Witches!

Since the last Tech demo we've been hard at work implementing a lot of changes based on the feedback we got. And so, time has come for our Tech Demo V.0.2 to be announced and discussed!

So, there have been some changes in the planning and aim of Whimsical Witchery. As we've been developing we've faced a lot of challenges. In the face of adversity, loyalty has proven golden and we continue to improve on our skills as well as the game itself. There have, as always, been a couple of issues along the way. So I thought I'd discuss those issues with you, dear witches.

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*Queue anime intro music and fade in logo*

One of the main issues of our early build was the movement and camera. First off the movement. So our early movement was based around controlling the Alchemists' forward and backwards acceleration with W and S, and then handle rotation with solely the mouse. This, as it sounds, was not a success. With the feedback we got, we've been working and implementing our revamped movement. Now you can steer the Alchemist with WASD, as standard. As well as press right-mouse-button to enable the fixed camera on the Alchemist.

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Potion throwing camera - can be used for: Throwing potions and looking at Mr.Andrews bodacious behind

Speaking of the camera, that's something we're still working on vigorously. We've been playing around with a few different functions and additions, and landed with something great. The main camera isn't finished just yet, but will be a "free look" camera that isn't bound to the Alchemist (like in Tech demo 0.1).

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Some smaller, just-for-the-heck-of-it-features we've implemented like world progression

screen 1920x1280 2018 04 05 19 2

Fog; or as the youngsters would describe it: "Thicc"

screen 1920x1280 2018 04 05 20 5

With a bit more world progression, you natrually have to take on more meaningless platforming to achieve little more than a tap on the back from a game. Get a haircut and go out, Carl.

Now, with this system that we are using called Cinemachine, we can change cameras freely and smoothly. This means that we can do a lot more cool angles and "cutscenes" than we imagined.

In any case. Tech demo 0.2 is coming out soon. I won't spoil the date just yet, but stay tuned and we'll be back before you know it!
Until then:
Brew safely, witches!


The camera is always a tricky point in third person. It really can help the narrative... or destroy it. It's a matter of process and iteration. Will the tech demo be public? Or just something internal?

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Clifftastic Author


The tech demo 0.2 will be available for download here and on GameJolt. We hope to have created a somewhat smoother experience based off the camera this time. As you say, it can either help or hurt, so we are anticipating more iterations based on the feedback we hope to get.

/William, Studio Head

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