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Good news everyone, there's an update.


  • Reworked the Exp system to make leveling faster. New values listed below
  • New Rank exp requirements
  • Rank 2: 1600
  • Rank 3: 3360
  • Rank 4: 6384
  • Rank 5: 11491
  • Rank 6: 19535
  • Rank 7: 31256
  • Rank 8: 46884
  • Rank 9: 65638
  • Rank 10: 85329
  • All ranks are easier to obtain now, with early ranks being the most reduced

US Factions:

  • Fixed Tomahawk Fuel Air damage not being dealt against air units
  • May have side effects with gaining veterancy
  • Chrono Infantry range reduced, from 105 to 85
  • Chrono Infantry minimum range reduced, from 25 to 15
  • New model for Phalanx Mk II. Performance unchanged

USA Humvee General:

  • New Humvees!
  • Bradvee! It's a Humvee, but even better!
  • Towvee! It's like the LOSAT, but better!
  • Hummahawk! Like a Tomahawk, but less serious!
  • Bradvee replaces Humvee. Towvee replaces LOSAT Humvee. Hummahawk replaces Tomahawk

US Armor General:

  • Replaced Field Gun model with Tech Mortar Position model
  • Field Gun now requires 5 power to function
  • Removed everything related to the Force Shield Generals Power
  • Added shortcut button for Field Gun bombardments

China Artillery General:

  • Leang rework is partially here
  • Changed the function of the Gaia Cannon. Named changed to Marker Cannon
  • It launches a flare that calls in artillery from the skyyyyy
  • Removed everything related to Spec Ops Infantry upgrade
  • Restored Seismic Shells for Hammer Cannons
  • More artillery in the works

China Tonk General:

  • Grasshopper damage reduced, from 60 to 50
  • Grasshopper range reduced, from 200 to 190

GLA Salvage General:

  • Increased scatter on Stalins Organ for maximum collateral damage (50 -> 100)
  • Stalins Organ reload increased from 4 to 7 seconds

Stealth General:

  • Increased Underminer damage enroute, from 190 to 220


  • Added Acidic Shells upgrade compatibility to Mega Man Cannon
  • Acid Weapons upgrade reduces Mega Man Cannon damage by 20%, but allows for mixing with anthrax clouds, like those from a Scud Storm


  • Corrected JS-7 to IS-7
  • Fixed missing texture on really damaged Underminer
  • Fixed USA Longvee model firing Tomahawks on the incorrect sides
  • Added fire extinguishers to structures. Structures will stop burning when really damaged after a certain time. Useful for stealth buildings
  • Infantry will now cough when sufficiently poisoned! Gross!
  • Updated button on GLA Vanilla Airship to drop Mega Marauder
  • Disabled Prussian Blue color as it caused issues in Challenge Mode with the wrong color being chosen
  • Changed USA UAV shadow to fix original broken shadow texture
  • Disabled GLA Anti-Air Boat due to a bug with unexpected invincibility
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HayasuiSC2 - - 94 comments

And so, Elite Dozers will be reverted to original USA Dozers but Battle Dozers could be changed to Elite Dozer as for it's request.

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madwallychan83 - - 22 comments

please improve the AI, Tank General AI doesnt build Emperor
GLA dont build Airship

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