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Five years of the greatest thing since smallpox. Wait..

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Small update, here we go.


  • UAV DamageType changed to JET_MISSILES
  • UAV damage reduced, from 150 to 100
  • UAV DamageRadius reduced, from 3 to 1
  • UAV range decreased, from 600 to 400

USA Airforce:

  • Applied the LazerPig fix for buildable A10's
  • A10 vulcan damage changed to GATTLING (better against infantry, worse vs tanks)
  • A10 health reduced, from 550 to 500
  • A10 vulvan accuracy greatly reduced against ground targets. Damage slightly increased to offset
  • Thanks LazerPig!

China Infantry:

  • Iron Dragon Infantry now have an ECM jammer instead of napalm grenades
  • Iron Dragon Infantry damage reduced, from 80 to 65
  • Iron Dragon ECM is 50% more powerful than a normal ECM tank disable
  • Iron Dragon scatter against infantry increased

GLA Vanilla:

  • Successfully summoned the Sandworm for use as a Rank 7 ability

GLA Stealth:

  • New unit! Underminer!
  • Mega Man Cannon removed
  • Underminer replaces Mega Man Cannon
  • Underminer is a mobile superweapon
  • Fires drills to the target that deal damage enroute
  • Behold! The Underminer!
  • No capes!


  • Updated final China mission to fix potential softlock with objectives


  • Added Prussian Blue color option

For upcoming predicted Shockwave Chaos Update 44 changes and adds.

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Added things:
- Added USA Advanced War Factory for each USA factions.
- Added the USA Humvee General's units including Abrams (Generals Continue), War Humvee (NProject) and Flash Tank from Advanced War Factory.
- Added the USA Super Train General's units including Plasma Walker, Ferret (Generation X), Mortar Humvee, Razor Tank (Generation X) and Thunder Launcher (Continue) from Advanced War Factory.
- Added the USA Rave General's units including Athena Cannon (OFS), MTHEL, Starfall Cannon (OFS), Cascadia Tank (resembled Untitled's Nimitz model) and Railgun Tank (Generation X) from Advanced War Factory.
- Added the USA Unfair Plane's units including Hover MLRS (OFS), Wolverine (OFS), Titan (OFS) and Apex APC (OFS) from Advanced War Factory.
- Added the USA Armor General's units including Thor, Battle Fortress (Generation X), Vanquisher, Borea Launcher and Nightshade (Generation X) from Advanced War Factory.
- Added the Chyna's units including Vixen (Adv. Gattling Tank from OFS), Goliath (OFS), Rhino Tank, Armored Crawler, Firefly and Warlord from Advanced War Factory.
- Added the China Matryoshka Tank General's units including Iron Fist (NProject), Nemesis (Armored Gattling Tank from OFS), Flame Tank (Adv. Dragon Tank from OFS) and Nullifier Tesla Cannon (OFS) from Advanced War Factory.
- Added the China Man Spam General's units including Twin Fang (ROTR), Epure IFV (China edited Pandur from ROTR), ECM Lord (China textured Wotan from ROTR), Leviathan FCV (OFS) and DF-11 Launcher (Generals Continue), from Advanced War Factory.
- Added the China Nuke General's units including Nuke Payload Carrier (OFS), Exterminator, Qilin Tank (Hanpatch) and Furnace Cannon from Advanced War Factory.
- Added the China Scumbag General's additional units including Solus Launcher (Hellstorm from OFS) and Whiplash AA (OFS) from Advanced War Factory.
- Added the GLA GLA General's additional units including Shadow Tank (OFS), Super Leech (OFS), Beetle (OFS) and Locust (Generals Continue) from War Factory.
- Added the GLA Explosion General's additional units including Black Market Bomb Truck (OFS), Trailblazer, Shilka (Generation X) and Demo Track (ROTR) from War Factory.
- Added the Dr. Thrax's additional units including Waster, King Toxin Tractor (OFS), Toxin Spreader, Anaconda and Iguana from War Factory.
- Added the GLA Sneaki General's additional units including Luna (who used Frog SSM from SW with new voices from Contra 009), Flak Crawler (OFS), Tyrant and Widow from War Factory.
- Added the GLA Bandana General's additional units including Jackal (Generation X), Serpent, Bullfrog and Gladius from War Factory.
- And more adds.

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Changed things:
- Sized back all the superweapons to normal except the Mega Man Cannon and Nuke General's Nuclear Missile.
- USA's Command Truck have new unique abilites for USA Factions.
- USA Humvee General's unique ability stills unchanged.
- USA Super Train General's Command Truck has a new ability Plasma Tank Drop.
- USA Rave General's Command Truck has a new ability Ion Cannon.
- USA Unfair Plane General's Command Truck has a new ability Rocketeer Drop.
- USA Armor General's Command Truck has a new ability Black Wolf Drop. (credit to OFS)
- Mongoose, Longvee and Crowd Pleaser are moved to Advanced War Factory.
- MOAB will not use Plasma Tomahawks' upgrade for USA Super Train General.
- Sheridan is moved as a Tier 1, now served as a custom tank like Opus from MOAPYR.
- Anti-Air Jeep's new voices as Slingshot from Kane's Wrath.
- Armored Personnel Carrier's new voices as Riptide ACV from Red Alert 3.
- China's Advanced War Factory gives the new model credit to M.P., properly approves to all China factions.
- IS-7's new voices as Mammoth Tank from Tiberian Twilight.
- China Scumbag Artillery's Adv. War Factory stills remain unchanged but additions added.
- Kobra is now stealthed.
- Kobra's new voices as Cobra (Nod's air unit) from Tiberian Twilight.
- Anti-Air Jeep has now Beetle Targeting System for Scumbag Artillery General.
- Walking Stuka is changed to a new name as Salamander, with a new model.
- Salamander has a new voice as a namesake from Tiberian Twilight.
- GLA's War Factory has a new model dedicated to Rise of the East.
- GLA's War Factory gives the sub-General specific use.
- GLA GLA General has Maus but additions added.
- GLA Explosion General has E-100 but additions added.
- Dr. Thrax have King Cobra and Gas Track but additions added.
- GLA Sneaki General has Prion but additions added.
- Changed the Frog to OFS' Sandstorm model and cameo, removed Toxin Shells.
- Frog's new voices as Sandstorm from Tiberian Twilight.
- Added Sniper Track for GLA Sneaki General.
- GLA Bandana General have Scimitar and Mortar Marauder but additions added.
- Hand of Nurgle possibly removed from Arms Dealer and Chemical Bunker but moved to War Factory.
- And more changes.

Updated things:
- Updated the models and cameos of Heavy Gunner and Seal. (credits to ROTR)
- Updated the Beta Humvee model. (credits to OFS)
- Updated the Crusader Tank and Laser Crusader models and icons. (credits to OFS)
- Updated USA's Big Laser Tank model. (credits to M.P. who commissioned)
- Updated the textures of Mad Missile Launcher and Turbo Minigunner.
- Updated Siege Cannon cameo. (credits to Contra Invasion)
- Updated the textures of Conscript, Object 279, JS-7 and Tesla Tank.

Removed things:
- Removed the Heavy Gunner from Barracks for USA Rave General.
- Removed USA's Cruise Missile Silo from USA Rave General.
- Removed Conscript from Man Spam General, changed back to Man Spam's original Red Guard.
- Removed Anti-Air Boat.
- Removed GLA Flying Tanks.
- Removed War Truck from Arms Dealer for GLA Sneaki General.

Fixed things:
- Fixed USA Armor General Turbo Death Army AI.
- Fixed Chyna AI that build Kirovs and now gives the Tiger buildable for AIs.
- Fixed China Scumbag Artillery Turbo Death Army AI.
- Fixed SWAT Van Paradrop issue for Armor General, reverted to original Bradley Paradrop.
- Fixed GLA Bandana General Turbo Death Army AI.

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Cool story bro

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Posted on April Fools Day

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Underminer feedback: Unit is very cool, but unfortunately very difficult to use in practice. They deal friendly fire, so have to be positioned carefully to not murder your base, but also damage each other. However, the sidebar shortcut doesn't tell you which underminer is firing. So if you keep them in the same area you can't use the shortcut because inevitably firing one would kill all the others. Spreading them out while keeping them safe is super tedious, as is individually selecting them to fire.

I would say put the mega man cannon back, nerf underminer damage and demote it from superweapon status.

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