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The answer is mix it together with reckless abandon.

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It's back again, now with more overly specialized interactions that won't be utilized. Let's get to it.

General Changes:

  • Cluster Nuke Warhead upgrade cost decreased, from $3,000 to $1,500
  • Basic infantry now have basic cost
  • Ranger from $225 to $100
  • Rebel from $150 to $50
  • Red Guard pair from $300 to $200
  • Varies per sub-faction
  • Fixed many issues of subdual damage caps being less than structure health, resulting in the building never being shutdown
  • Too Many Rockets! upgrade nerfed. Reload time increases by 100%, damage -60%, cost increased to $1,500, research time to 45 seconds

USA Factions:

  • Particle Cannons now have a minor shutdown radius, disabling any nearby buildings

Super Train General:

  • Alpha Humvee bomb damage reduced, from 1,000 to 600
  • Alpha Humvee range decreased, from 400 to 300
  • Decreased Beta Humvee health, from 350 to 300

Tank General:

  • JS-7 now requires Propaganda Center OR Industrial Plant. Not both
  • JS-7 price reduced from 3,000 to 1,800
  • JS-7 build time reduced from 45 to 30
  • Halved the damage of the tank shells from Gatling Tanks

Nuke General:

  • Structures now benefit from Isotope Upgrade, finally!
  • Nuclear Bunker will not explode nuclear-y when upgraded with Isotope

Dr. Thrax:

  • New Generals Power! Plague Fist!
  • Call in annoying toxin missiles from the sky!
  • If a missile hits the ground, it will embed and poison the area until destroyed
  • Hand of Nurgle moved to a Rank 1 GP for 5 points
  • Scourge Launchers no longer require a GP
  • Terrorist Nerve Gas acts as a vehicle and building disabler now
  • Updated Viscera Weapons ToolTip
  • New feature! Acidic chemical reactions!
  • Do not mix Acid Clouds with Anthrax Clouds!


  • USA Campaign: Fixed a clog on Operation Fork and limited number of forklifts that can be spawned at once
  • USA Campaign: Added the true final boss to the last mission. Prepare yourself
  • Laser Challenge: Added BLT teams
  • Demo Challenge: Minor tweaks to attack waves and added Saboteurs
  • Airforce Challenge: Slightly reduced the size of ground attack waves
  • Nuke Challenge: Slightly reduced the size of attack waves
  • Attempted to fix an issue where the AI would use the same GP twice, at the same time
  • Toxin Challenge: Updated scripting with new GP's, better reaction to superweapons, additional attack forces
  • Updated ObjectLists
  • Those Spy Drones on Laser Challenge map are no longer indestructible. Sorry about that.


  • Fixed shadow on Alpha Humvee
  • Minor reductions in code here and there

I've been waiting for this mod for a whole year....

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Dude, I only want you to delete one song...

I cannot play your mod like that which was my favourite mod...

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When you say do not mix...
You totally mean MIX!! MIX THEM ALL!

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Actually the mixing doesn't seem to work? I get an explosion from mixing Hand of Nurgle missiles, but none of the others...

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Splinterus Author

Mix acid cloud with any anthrax cloud; anthrax bomb, etc. I can assure you it works.

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