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Update #4 to Upside-Down Dimensions on steam early access has just been uploaded.

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A very hard week!

The challenges for the past week were quite ambitious, from one side, start to introduce in the main build the coop feature that had been tested in different version of the game, and at the same time, work on closing some bugs ( new and old) affecting the overall gameplay experience.

The merge is done, but we lacked the time to enable the coop in this update, so we will keep it for one the next weeks.

We were also able to introduce a new feature that allows for the puzzles to be reset in case the player used one of the boxes in the wrong place, without the possibility of sending it back. The result is very interesting as it allows for the player to test also for different solutions to overcome the same problem.

As always more time was spent trying to find and solve bottlenecks in the performance as to try to keep it as high as possible for the majority of the time, a very crucial aspect, as we are heading for the activation of the split screen for the coop ( local mode).

You can find the complete announcement on our steam hub community

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